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Village Live

A four day immersive learning experience of inner development for outer change

September 26-29, 2024

Organizers: Petter Björkebäck, Annette Sjölander

Language: English

Village Live is hosted by Petter Björkebäck and Annette Sjölander from Village Organizational Development. The event will be an immersive learning experience of inner development for outer change, for curious minds and courageous explorers. It will be a physical space where you reconnect with yourself, others and nature, to gain new perspectives and experiences.

As a participant of Village Live you can expect a growth journey where you are one of the co-creators. The experience is highly participatory, meaning that the journey unfolds where curiosity goes. Village Live is an emergent space of new perspectives and insights. We, as facilitators, will take responsibility to keep “just enough structure” to allow for self-organization and emergence to happen. What unifies us all is our curiosity towards inner growth, our commitment to making this place better together and a yearning to get from vision to action.

Programme starts at 3 pm Thursday and ends at 13 pm on Sunday.


Intro to create a safe space and opportunity to be curious about each other.

DAY 2-3

The “in-between” the Intro & Outro is for us to discover and co-create. What might emerge;

  • Explore how Inner Development Goals could serve as a framework for organizational development.

  • Develop your ability to embrace ambiguity, dance with uncertainty and lead change.

  • Deepen your leadership consciousness through peer coaching.

  • “The hand is the window to the mind”- transformational writing.

  • Inspire and be inspired in story circles around

  •  the sparkling night bonfire.

  • Practice 100% presence with embodied work.

  • Art by nature in the Eco-tower.

  • Greet the day with pleasant yoga and energizing breathwork.

  • Let your voices fill the sanctuary with harmonies and melodies together..

  • Connect to earth with a morning run in the lushing swedish forest.

  • ..and...?

Outro for us to “pack our backpacks” before leaving Mundekulla.

Village Live is playful & profound, individual & collective, introspective and co-creative, science & art: The path we explore will emerge as we put one foot in front of the other.

Read more;

About Village

About Inner Development Goals


Village Organizational Development

Petter Björkebäck
Founder of Village, Smålands People & Culture Partner. With long experience from leading global assignments at IKEA, and from academia, he draws on knowledge from different fields in his professional work: systems theory, complexity theory, Inner Development Goals, Gestalt, integral theory, coaching, and also draws inspiration from music, from his experience as a musician and choir conductor.


Annette Sjölander
A Global Yoga certified River guide, business consultant and facilitator, with experience in leadership and team development, change management and commercial. Both in yoga practice and business I believe in the power that lies within each individual and guides others to explore their superpowers and to #movefromyourcenter.


Day schedule
Mealtimes serve as the moments when we gather collectively. In between, diverse activities will emerge, guided by the 'rules of two feet,' allowing you the autonomy to choose whether to lead or follow, where to engage, and when.
In the evening, we'll light a campfire and warm up the sauna.

Practical Information

From 910€ per ticket (ex. VAT)**

**Please note: The price is listed in Euros for reference purposes only. Payment will be processed in SEK (Swedish Krona) at the exchange rate 11,49.


The participant fee includes;

  • All activities

  • Full board vegetarian food from lunch 26th to lunch 29th, 80% locally biodynamically grown and prepared at Mundekulla. (breakfast, fika, lunch, fika, dinner)

  • Mundekulla offers a variety of Swedish, rustic and beautiful accommodations, all in single rooms with either private or shared bathrooms.

  • Note! We operate on a first-come, first-served basis for room bookings so you have the opportunity to choose between different styled rooms!

  • Transfer from Emmaboda can be arranged upon request, please notify upon booking. (You reach Emmaboda by train from Kastrup.)

Information on food and practicalities

  • Mundekulla serves organic and vegetarian food and offer milk and gluten free options for you who prefer that. However, we cannot accommodate temporary diets.

  • All participants should check in/register in the reception upon arrival.

  • It is not allowed to use candles in the rooms.

  • Pets cannot be brought to the facilities, but there is a dog hotel 7 km from Mundekulla.

  • It's good to bring clothes for nature walks.

Travel to Mundekulla

Click here for information on how to get to Mundekulla.



Date & Times

September 26-29, 2024

Check-in at 1 pm - 3 pm

Lighter lunch upon arrival

The program starts at 3 pm Thursday and ends at 1 pm on Sunday.





For questions about the event:

Petter Björkebäck


Annette Sjölander

Petter Björkebäck

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