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Is the world a better place, for the work we did today?

Mundekulla, as a conference & retreat centre, and Ecolodge in the countryside of Småland has developed on sustainable principles ever since it was established more than 25 years ago.

The reasons why guests find their way to Mundekulla are as individual as their dreams, needs and expectations, and therefore may change over time.

What did not change however, is our desire to make Mundekulla unique and special in many different ways and details. A place where people, nature and organisations can connect and learn from each other. A place where your ideas can grow roots, “a natural place to grow” as we would say.

Our biggest wish is to inspire people to take an active role in developing themselves, nature, and the organisations they work for. This can happen by opening our place for groups and individual guests who wish to design their own setting, as well as providing an inspiring event & festival calendar to choose form and participate in.

In pursuit of such aspiration, the Mundekulla team does the outmost to keep Mundekulla and its environment tidy and fresh for you to enjoy it to the fullest.

This is, however, not where we stop. By pursuing a variety of own projects and programs we believe we can go beyond being a quite unique Conference Centre and Ecolodge. We wish to engage in what ultimately is meant to also giving back to society in a wider sense. The below focus areas are actively pursued, to further developing Mundekulla, to providing inspirations to others who may wish to go similar routes, and by inviting you to participate in and / or contribute to the development of a more circular society and economy.

Embrace the power of collaboration and unlock unprecedented growth at Mundekulla

Flowers in Mundekulla

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