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These rules apply to events organized by Mundekulla. For events not arranged by Mundekulla (external organizers), the booking rules specified by the organizer in question shall apply.

Cancellation Policy for Own Events

In case of cancellation, the following fees apply:

  • More than two weeks before the event: SEK 1000 per adult participant and SEK 600 per participant aged 4-14 years, capped at a maximum of SEK 2000 per booking/family.

  • Less than two weeks before the event: The cancellation fee equals the total amount paid. However, upon presentation of a medical certificate, the fee is SEK 1000 per adult and SEK 600 per participant aged 4-14 years, capped at SEK 2000 per booking/family.


If you are unable to attend, you may transfer your place to another individual with Mundekulla's approval. If Mundekulla cancels the event, notice will be provided no later than one month before the course, and the entire participation fee will be refunded. No compensation for travel expenses will be provided.


Here is some general information that is recommended to read before arrival:

Food: We serve climate-smart, nutritious, tasty, and carefully prepared vegan and vegetarian food partially sources from our own permaculture garden. We also offer dairy and gluten-free options for those who prefer them. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate temporary diets.

Accommodation: Mundekulla provides wide spectrum of accommodation options, ranging from modern spacious rooms in Ecotower, comfortable and minimalistic rooms in conference center to beds in cozy loft. For some events you can come with your own tent and use our shower/WC facilities. At some events to keep the pricing low we invite you to bring your own bed linen and towel, otherwise you can rent bedding from Mundekulla at the cost of SEK 150 per set.

Cleaning: At selected events participants are responsible for cleaning their rooms after completing the course. Cleaning service can be purchased on-site for SEK 300. In most courses, we provide assistance with dishwashing, approximately 20-30 minutes per person per day.

Clothing: Feel free to bring soft, comfortable clothes, indoor shoes (especially during winter), and attire suitable for nature walks.

Accessibility: Several gathering rooms, including the restaurant and our largest meeting space, are located on the first floor. Some activity rooms are on the second floor with staircases, but there is an elevator to one of the larger ones. We have several wheelchair-friendly toilets/showers. For further inquiries, please contact us at, and we will provide more information.

Lost and Found: Items are occasionally forgotten at Mundekulla. If you have forgotten something, we can send it to you, but this involves some extra work, so we charge a basic fee of SEK 100 plus postage.

Pets: While we love animals, for the sake of allergy sufferers, pets are not allowed at Mundekulla. However, there is a dog hotel located 7 km away.

Internet: We provide free Wi-Fi for our guests.

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