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Host your event, conference, or festival

In Mundekulla, we believe that progress and connection can occur through a focus on self-improvement, academic interest, or organizational development. All three are equally important to support a healthy society and a sustainable environment. Mundekulla equally encourages these aspects and welcomes groups.

For more than two decades, Mundekulla grew to be a place that gives organizers, and the groups they engage, a unique atmosphere and caring support, no matter what they strive to achieve. We wish to be the natural place where you see growth in your groups happen, no matter whether it is coming along as a festival, retreat, conference, workshop, or private event. Mundekulla is the place where your ideas can grow roots. It’s the natural place to go to for moments that matter.

To start your journey as an event planner, our Conference Team will guide you in building your experience, always keeping your desired outcome in sight. What is it you wish to achieve? What state of mind would you hope to ignite in your group? What will be the most impactful frame around the inspiration you and your workshop leaders will bring?

Please contact our Event Team to discuss your specific needs and to start ideating your bespoke gathering. We will be very happy to guide you in developing moments that matter.

The “secret sauce“ in every event is the combination of those details that support your unique idea and style. It is rarely done with a meeting room and a projector. Of course, you can rely on these standard features as well.

The range of possibilities in Mundekulla is vast. We would always start with the nature and what nature is providing as an underpinning. The variety of conference and meeting spaces combined with countless opportunities to experience the surroundings, the gardens, swimming pond, and saunas, recreational spaces and an authentic food concept may add to a unique frame for your event. Additionally, we have nice and functional guest rooms, while it was deliberate to not equip them with TVs.

Our network of performing artists and coaches, bonfires, and guided early morning walks may round up what may be remembered as a unique experience.


Step into this spacious 240 sqm conference room for all purposes. Required Equipement is available upon request:
- Tables and chairs, white boards, projector
- Sitting for up to 120 people, scene, microphones, music system, dynamics, disco-lights
- yoga mats, blankets, pillows, meditation chairs, etc.  (Wooden floor may be covered by soft puzzle mats for activities like acro yoga of play fighting)
- Weddings and similar events 

Naturum: A grand expanse