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Our team

Carl-Johan Lindblom

Mundekulla Manager

After many years of working for international hotel chains, Carl-Johan decided he had had enough. He resigned, bought a sailing boat, and spent four years sailing around the world. After realizing this dream, Carl-Johan longed for the forest, and what place could be better than Mundekulla.

Elin Nordenberg

Garden Leader

Elin has a background in organic farming and food forestry. She possesses a profound passion for nature, the forest, and our connection with all living beings. At Mundekulla, Elin engages in landscape architecture, agroforestry/food forestry and vegetable cultivation.

Christine Nowak

Projects Portfolio Leader

Christine brings extensive experience in various hotel concepts, classical gastronomy, and event services. With a passion for uniting people, she values nature and is committed to unique projects that prioritize accessibility, resource conservation, and collaboration. At Mundekulla, she organizes and oversees in-house events.

Brittany Larsson

Guest Experience Leader

Bringing a wealth of hospitality experience from the USA, Brittany holds a Bachelor's Degree in GeoTourism and Sustainability. As the leader of hospitality team, she oversees room and property preparation, engages customers through various channels, manages booking systems, handles contract writing and ensures a seamless and eco-conscious stay at Mundekulla.

Frederick Nowak

Healthy Foods Leader

Frederick has gathered experience in various kitchens, ranging from 4-star hotels in Switzerland and Germany to a Michelin-starred restaurant and various large-scale kitchens. He loves to indulge in resource-conscious, fresh, colorful, and sustainable cooking. With his comprehensive expertise, he is shaping the next chapter in Mundekulla's vegetarian cuisine.

Victor Karlsson

Facility & Forest Manager

Victor comes from a background in the forestry industry, with an education in forestry and forest planting. He holds a great interest in sustainable forestry, and at Mundekulla, he is responsible for caring for the buildings, infrastructure and the forest.

Romain Perchat

Volunteering & Projects Coordinator

Romain initially arrived at Mundekulla as a volunteer after years of traveling and volunteering in sustainable farming projects. Following a seven-month immersion in permaculture, entrepreneurship, and personal development, he joined the core team as ESC project coordinator, while also assisting with gardening, maintenance, and event space setup.

Galina Studer

Board of Directors’ Chairperson

Galina brings over 30 years of experience serving as an executive for multinational companies, where she successfully developed and implemented operational practices to achieve change and transformation objectives. As representative of the shareholder’s family, Galina is responsible for the strategic development.

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