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Training: Belongingness+

July 1 - 12, 2024

A 10 day Training for Youth Workers, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union

1st -12th of July 2024

Course leaders: Sandra Geitz & Hanne Pedersen
Organizer: Mundekulla Friends

We  understand that belonging is a fundamental aspect of human existence  and that when we sense that we belong, something in us not only starts  to care but also feels cared for - and the world is in desperate need of  care.

Information about the training 

We  see the possibility for Art to act as a creative practice that can  guide us to become aware of our own authentic expression within the  deeper movement that intertwines us all.

The  practice of Embodiment and Nature Connection shows us our inherent  belonging through our own direct experience. We can perceive ourselves  as part of the ecosystem's shared living space and interconnected web of  relationships - where diversity can be truly celebrated and our  uniqueness can find its place as a contribution to the whole.

Belongingness+  propose practices that facilitate a return to the felt sense and a  deepened connection with the natural world. By engaging in embodied  experiences and artistic expression, youth workers and young people can  rediscover their inner landscapes, creative contribution and authentic  belonging.

The aim of Belongingess+

Our  aim is to empower youth workers to share transformative processes into a  sense of Belonging through Art, Nature Connection and Embodiment.  Participants will move through a personal experience, reflect on the  process and practice to support others with the same. This project aims  to give tools and practices that can support us to cultivate  self-awareness, empathy and a sense of interconnectedness on a personal,  community and systemic level.

Participating organizations

SWEDEN - Mundekullas Vänner

GERMANY - Jonglirium

SPAIN - Dinamica


ROMANIA - Micile Bucurii



ITALY - New Wellness Education

PORTUGAL - African Way

FRANCE - Cat Farm

Course leaders:

Sandra Geitz
Sandra Geitz (35) is the founder of Living Inquiry, where she is working  as a Coach with individual sessions, facilitator for groups and project  leader for experiential education. She is currently a student of  Somatic Experiencing and has a background in Creative writing, Dance,  Zen Coaching and Family Constellation.

She  has for the last three years worked as a project leader for a youth  volunteering program in Sustainable Living in Mundekulla, where she also  organized an Embodiment Festival with over 20+ Workshop Leaders. Her  fields of expertise are within Coaching, Creative processes, Group  Facilitation and Embodiment.  In her work she is passionate about  collective learning, presence-based leadership and connecting different  approaches  together into a whole.

Hanne Pedersen

Hanne  Pedersen (45) has a background from performance theatre, Creative  Somatic Movement and Zen Coaching. Her fields of expertise and education  are within awarenessbased practices,  creative somatic movement,  coaching and communication. Her education is from Cantabile 2 School of  Stage Arts (2003) and University of Central Lancashire MA Dance and  Somatic Wellbeing (2016). She is also a Senior Coach and teacher of Zen  Coaching. (Since 2008)


Hanne  is facilitating creative processes for self discovery and collective  reconnection,  runs MOMO AKADEMIET - for Interbeing, online and in a  studio outside Oslo, and has has extensive experience in designing,  facilitating and directing creative processes.


Mundekulla Vänner

Mundekulla  Vänner is a non profit association centered on core values of ecology,  peace, culture and sustainability since its establishment in 2004. The  associations activities whilst open to all ages and backgrounds, have in  statute a great focus on activities for children and young people.


If you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact one of our project coordinators:

Sandra Geitz at

Hanne Pedersen at

This  training course has been co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program. If you  would like to find out more about the program, please visit

Practical Information

This  training program is co-funded by the European Commission program  Erasmus+. The grant covers your participation in the training,  accommodation, food and materials. Travel costs are covered up to a  maximum amount.

Read more at the Belongingness+ website here.


Participants  will stay in sleeping alcoves with shared bathrooms/toilets, with the  possibility to upgrade via Mundekulla (link for booking will be shared  in the confirmation email, the booking of upgrades will be open on 15  June 2024).

Blankets and pillows are provided, sheets and towels are available for renting (or bringing your own set).


APPLY HERE, by the latest 25th of March 2024: click here



Information on food and accommodation

  • Mundekulla  serves organic and vegetarian food and offer milk and gluten free  options for you who prefer that. However, we cannot accommodate  temporary diets.

  • All participants should check in at the reception upon arrival.

  • Bring your own sheets and towels or rent at Mundekulla for SEK 150/set.

  • Participants  clean their rooms after the course, or buy this service for SEK 300 per  room. For room cleaning not carried out by participant a fee of SEK 400  will be invoiced.

  • Course participants help out with washing up after meals. (2-3 persons/meal)

  • It is not allowed to light candles in the rooms or to bring pets to the facilities.

  • It can be nice to bring clothes for nature walks.

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