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Festival: Embodiment Festival

July 24 - 28, 2024



More than 25 artists, movers, yogis, massage therapists & musicians will share their magic

Dance  / Somatic Awareness / Yoga / Playfight / Ecstatic / Meditation /  AcroYoga / Massage / Zen Coaching / Sound Healing / Forest Bathing /  Polyrhythmic Drums / Breathwork / Kirtan / Yogic Arts / Family  Constellation / Handstand / Alchemy of Touch / Embodied Flow

We are stoked to invite you to five summer days of celebration of the amazing, mystical and wise human body.

We will bring our senses into  dance, music, yoga, meditation, acrobatics, lectures, arts and much more  – celebrate, play, learn and connect.

All will take place in the idyllic surroundings of Mundekulla´s forest, beautiful buildings, lush greens and community.

The  2024 Embodiment Festival will take place in Mundekulla for the second  consecutive year. The resounding success of last year's festival stems  from our deep passion and love for this approach. We are thrilled to  witness a growing movement worldwide and feel grateful to be part of  this beautiful and meaningful journey. The days will be an invitation to  explore what it means to inhabit our own bodies, to celebrate the gifts  we discover, and to uncover the profound wisdom that resides within us  all!

The festival is created with a rich and diverse group of 25+ workshop  leaders, all deeply passionate about embodiment, that will share their  knowledge and practices. We will gather, celebrate, enjoy, share,  discover, explore and be together during the peaking beauty of Swedish  summer in the depth of the Mundekulla forest.

You can participate as much, or little, as you want in the program  offered and will be served healthy, tasty and sustainable plant-based  food three times a day. In our café we serve delicious homemade cakes  (both raw, cooked, gluten free, vegan and super sugary ones!), coffee,  tea and cold drinks. This is also a cozy place just to hang out, share  with a newfound friend or enjoy the nature and scenery in silence. Every  morning we gather to connect, reflect and arrive in our bodies, as well  as practically look into all the fun!

Did you ever catch yourself thinking of your body as a tool to carry  your head around? :) These days we explore a slightly different  perspective: Letting our fantastic mind stay where it is while dropping  down and into the wholeness of the body, seeing what that can mean for  our well-being, sense of balance, way of orienting in life, healing,  transformation and the way we act, are and relate in the world.

Embodiment shines light and invites awareness to the natural process of  living, being, relating and acting through and as our beautiful bodies.  You could say that the lens of Embodiment perceives the body as the  ground which our human experience rests upon and where life expresses  itself. It is a practice of self-awareness, self-regulation and  sense-making through working with the relationship between body and  mind. Involving practices such as being in-tune and in touch with our  environment through our senses and connected to our internal physical  sensations (such as bodily needs and emotions).

Embodiment invites us for awareness of sensations in our physical body,  waves of emotions, and the movements of our mind as well as of the  environment through our senses. It invites us to be present in our life:  being right here and now.

We love how embodiment can hold space for listening, responding and  learning from the messages, needs and wisdom of our own bodies. It  supports us to move from understanding something into living it, such as  a way of being or an inner quality.

Embodiment can help to move us away from objectifying our bodies into  perceiving them as living organisms and give guidance towards our needs.


  • Being present and grounded

  • Accessing our own life energy and become more vibrant, vital and spontaneous

  • Connecting  with our feelings, as physical sensations, guiding us to our values and  what is important to us. Making us able to orientate and act from an  inner compass

  • Being  with the flow of inner movements, (feelings, thoughts, sensations,  energies) strengthening our “bodily container”, making ourselves more  resilient to deal with and meet life

  • Becoming  more sensitive to the messages and needs of our bodies: if we are  stressed, relaxed, if we are hungry, too cold or hot, standing too close  to someone, where our boundaries are, what we love, when our energy  level is running out and we can be more accurate to point in how we  respond and act

  • Enriching your lives with beauty, grace and creativity

  • Sense-making of our own behaviors and patterns, stepping out of our automatically responses and increasing our sense of freedom

  • Gaining insights and depth

  • Feeling at home and belonging

  • Connecting with others in an authentic way

  • Sensing ourselves to be part of the bigger body of nature

  • Becoming more conscious of our energy and how it moves in our system

  • More ease in making decisions.

For who?
For you who love...

  • Hanging out with a bunch of beautiful humans in nature

  • Movement, play and creative expression

  • Healthy delicious food & meaningful meetings

  • Learning new things and discovering new ways of looking at life

  • Connection, presence and awareness

  • Exploring the wise and magnificent body

  • To become an embodiment nerd (if you weren't one already :)

  • To simply celebrate life and be together!

Come along or bring your beloved, friends, family, partner, co-workers  and their amazing bodies! The intention is to create a welcoming and  open atmosphere where we can dive into the exploration of embodiment  with a beginner's mind while enjoying to be together and the summer  vibes of a sun that just never really wants to set! We welcome you  exactly as you are.

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