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Gather your family and friends

Mundekulla offers a beautiful setting to give your family and friends a unique experience for moments that matter, accommodating groups of between 2 and 20+ guests.

Our iconic EcoTower overseeing the Smaland’s forests from its skylounge and observation platform, to the cosy “Cottage on the Hill”, to a variety of room settings in the “Sunhouse”, “Relaxum”, or other conference facilities, will invite to be the stage for your stay. We know from experience that even if you chose to book one of our classic rooms, you may wish to explore from time to time some of our special offers, such as a night in the original Viking cottages, a treat not only your kids will enjoy and remember, or a story-telling evening in the hobbit house.

While the summer season (April – October) is found to be most attractive in southern Sweden and invite for longer stays, many of our guests chose Mundekulla for her beautiful framing for their family celebrations, weddings and other moments that matter, all year round. During the festive season in wintertime Mundekulla presents herself in her magic white coat and ready to welcome you for your holiday stays around Thanksgiving, Xmas and New Year.

The various lodging options go along with self-catering, or meals from our kitchen upon request. The rooms provide for functionality, while the Mundekulla property offers countless options to recreate in nature, enjoying a sauna, engaging in yoga practices, celebrating FIKA, joining stargazing at the fireplace, or finding silence in the sanctuary or forest church.

Please contact our EcoLodge team to discuss your bespoke stay.



Tel: +46735038919

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