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Contribute to a positive male culture


May 12-14, 2024

Course leaders

Kale Grill, Frederik Swahn



Contribute to a positive male culture!

"Man in mission" wants to encourage a healthy masculinity where men support each other to contribute to a more sustainable world, on both a personal and human level. The weekend offers inspiration and support to grow as a man, fellow human being and leader. We touch on themes such as emotions, self-awareness, integrity and direction. The course is aimed at both entrepreneurs and private individuals and invites to a context that is not based on competition, the desire to have more or to be better than someone else, but rather to collaborate and create conditions for giving and sharing our gifts and experiences . The weekend is aimed at men regardless of sexual, political, religious/non-religious or cultural orientation and social status. For those who have taken the course before, you are welcome for the "Under 25 years" price. See below.

The schedule of the days

The theme of the weekend is about finding your way in life, facing challenges, turning adversity and bitterness into success and success. To look beyond one's performance and be reminded of the deeper happenings of life and take advantage of our own longing. Among other things, the course helps you find your driving force and how you can express it to a greater extent. "What are your obstacles and how can you overcome them?" Every day, in small groups, we will have the opportunity to talk and reflect on what we have experienced and how we can integrate it into our lives through circle conversations inspired by the conversation techniques of the indigenous peoples.

Four archetypes

We draw inspiration from a psychological model based on four aspects of our personality: The King (overview and direction), the Warrior (power of action and setting boundaries), the Lover (sensuality and creativity) and the Magician (understanding and intuition). The model is developed by Professor Robert Moore, based on Carl Jung's theory of archetypes. The course inspires us to find our inner good qualities and a goal-oriented and focused endeavor towards both our own development and the good of the world, in brotherhood with other men. This usually leads to greater self-awareness and a stronger experience of meaning.

Contextual work: From invitation to harvest

In this part we will look at how you can work with the wider context of the meetings and processes you work with, to bring them into their full potential. We cover how you can prepare for important contextual work such as the invitation (before the meeting, workshop or course) and the harvest (collecting outcomes and sharing outcomes afterwards). We will also touch upon important helpers such as the art of asking powerful questions, deep listening and cycles of development.


The Man in Mission concept was created by Peter Elmberg in 2012 (Behavioral Scientist and CEO at Mundekulla) and has mainly been developed with Kalle Grill. (Associate Professor of Philosophy). as well as Fredrik Swahn, Gösta Tingström, Stephen Hinton, Göran Danred and others. as an expression to inspire men to deeper meaning, connection and purpose in life. Man in Mission is being held for the 11th time and nearly 200 people have taken the course so far.

Contact information:

For questions about the camp: Kalle Grill

For questions regarding booking:


Check-in: 16.00-18.00

Dinner at 18.30 

The course starts at 20.00
Check-out: 16.00, Sunday

Kalle Grill

Docent in philosophy at Umeå University and professional conversation leader and philosophical advisor. Kalle has extensive experience in leading groups in dialogue around life-philosophical themes such as friendship, love, freedom, responsibility, the good life. He is chairman of the Nordic branch of the international men's association The ManKind Project. Together with Peter Elmberg, he developed and produced the "Man in mission" course. Read more

Fredrik Swahn

Fredrik is a course leader and musician who inspires everyone to their highest potential. His song and music run like a common thread throughout the weekend as a reminder to himself, his own essence and wholeness. Fredrik also talks about our times' need for confirmation, identifying oneself with one's work and the risk of losing oneself. A meeting with Fredrik leaves no one unmoved. Fredrik also leads couples and tantra courses with his wife Janie. He also produces summer concerts with some of Sweden's most popular artists in his hometown Stjärnsund, Dalarna. He is educated at the Royal Academy of Music and has had leading roles in several musicals and recorded several CDs with his own music. Listen here


Regular price: Adults: SEK 3900 (VAT is added for entrepreneurs)

Under 25/unemployed/former participant: SEK 3300 ​


When booking by April 30 at the latest, you will receive a SEK 200 discount on the above prices. When booking by 28 February at the latest, you will receive an additional SEK 200 discount. ​Board and accommodation are extra, see below.


Single room - private bathroom: SEK 4050
Single room - shared bathroom: SEK 3750
Part in double room - private bathroom: SEK 3450
Part in double room - shared bathroom: SEK 3150

Part in triple room – shared bathroom: SEK: 3000
Sleeping alcove (incl duvet, mattress, pillow): SEK 2550

Information on food and practicalities

  1. Mundekulla serves organic and vegetarian food and offers dairy and gluten free options for those who wish or have allergies. However, we cannot accommodate temporary diets.

  2. All participants should check in/register in the reception and pay for food and lodging upon arrival.

  3. Bring your own sheets and towels or rent them at Mundekulla for SEK 150/set at check-in.

  4. Participants clean their rooms after the event, or buy this service for SEK 300 per room, which can be booked upon arrival. For room cleaning not carried out by participant a fee of SEK 400 will be invoiced.

  5. It is not permitted to light candles in the rooms.

  6. Pets cannot be brought to the facilities, but there is a dog hotel 7 km from Mundekulla

  7. It can be nice to bring clothes for nature walks.

​Booking Terms and Conditions

See our booking terms and conditions here.

Travel to Mundekulla

Click here for information on how to get to Mundekulla​


Welcome to join our carpool group on Facebook where you can request or offer a ride to a specific event at Mundekulla.



Thanks for a wonderful weekend. Amazing that you give this to men!

Good at creating security and group feeling. Do not know what can be improved.

Fantastic content and perfect timing and logistics that manage to open everyone up to the "good" male power.

Heavenly music, wonderful environment, Knowledgeable leaders.

Great to meet new men in these forms!

Calmness, Openness, Honesty,
Great warmth and thank you!

The exercises, the community, the music, the energy and the feeling have been absolutely wonderful!

This weekend has been fantastic with all the emotions, the best in a very long time.

Very good!
The sharings were fantastic.



Winter in Mundekulla

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