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Serve from our garden and kitchen

At Mundekulla we believe in the super-power of carefully grown foods. We develop our own regenerative food garden and forest. This is a journey just begun and we are delighted to invite you to be part of it. Our kitchen is carefully preparing delicious meals for our guests.

In essence, the Mundekulla kitchen pursues a vegetarian focus, no meat, no fish, no alcohol. Our carefully balanced recipes provide all what you need to just feel great, no matter whether your main focus is on mental strength, movement, or just enjoying the moment.

Our productive garden, established in 2023, is developing from a regenerative mindset and pursuing an ethical and organic approach. This ensures a rich choice of seasonal vegetables species (many of which you most likely never tasted before or even know by name), fruits and spices for our own kitchen and to our Mundekulla farm-store.

We most definitively recommend you come and visit our productive garden, learn from our green-team, or even volunteer to get your “hands dirty” during planting and harvesting season.

When framing your private stay at Mundekulla you may benefit from self-catering, selective locally cooked and packaged foods, and meals prepared by our kitchen.

Please reach out to our Ecolodge team to discuss your dietary requirements and to book the most suitable way for us to cater for your needs.


Tel: +46735038919

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