Yoga of Sound and Chocolate – Retreat & Training,
May 17 – June 8, 2018

Organizers: Paul/Patita Pavana Das, Thomas Love Power and Bachan Kaur

The Power of Sound Heals and Transforms Lives
Our current reality is a reflection of our vibrational state - Change your frequency and change
your reality!
We invite you on a life changing journey into sacred sound. It's time to live life in tune with your
heart and soul purpose!
Through this practice we open our hearts, come into allignment, access deep states of consciousness and healing, fully embodying our divine and creative potential.

What is Yoga of Sound & Chocolate?
Yoga of Sound and Chocolate is a revolutionary spiritual practice.
A blissful fusion of, Heart Alchemy, Sound Healing, Sacred Chant and Sacred Cacao Medicine.
Fusing ancient, contemporary, esoteric and yogic sound practices, this unique retreat and training will enable you to create and facilitate sacred sound and chocolate offerings. The immesion is a two-step experiential, learning-by-doing journey of empowerment. Starting with a deep experiential dive into the healing and transformation potential of sacred sound and chocolate – you will experience many different modalities of sound healing, sacred singing and ceremony. Then you will enter an accelerated learning journey where you will be safely supported into discovering and sharing your own power as a sacred sound channel and facilitator of sacred sound journeys.

Who is this programme for?
This immersion is suitable for anyone who wants to live life more fully – no experience with sound necessary! These tools can be used as a personal daily practice and can be shared as ceremony or integrated into other modalities like Yoga, Ecstatic dance, Massage therapy, Kirtan etc.

We open-heartedly invite all those feeling called to deepen their spiritual practice and enhance their relationship with sound. In particular people who we feel can benefit from integrating this practice into their own profession like Yoga teachers, Aspiring Song Carriers, Kirtan Leaders, Holistic Therapists, Teachers, Sound Healers, Musicians and those who wish to share Cacao.


Paul/Patita Pavana Das
A lifelong musician and with many lifetimes as a Bhakta, Paul splits his time between Ashram living and life on the road, spreading the vibration of devotion.

The past few years have been a year of blossoming for Paul's current focus, the Hanuman Project, from birthing 'EnChanted'
a unique Bhakti & Sound Healing Festival-Retreat to sharing Kirtan and Ceremony around the world. In 2017 Paul visited
7 countries to share his passion for sacred song and ceremony, highlights include: Offering at sacred music festivals; Beloved, Singing Alive & Bhakti Fest (USA), Recording the debut Hanuman Project Album in Los Angeles, Supporting medicine retreats and ceremony in the high Andes of Southern Peru and of course the 3 week Yoga of Sound an Chocolate programme in Guatemala. Recently gifted a name, 'Patita Pavana Das' will be travelling to Vrindavan, India in early 2018 to dive even deeper into the culture and music of the Vaishnavas.   

Paul's approach to sound and chant is that they are the keys to unlock the power and beauty of the heart, and as such are available to each and every one of us at all times. He is passionate about creating devotional music both powerful and accessible, hoping envoking courage to live from the heart always and to support with solely love . 

Thomas Love Power
Thomas is a sacred sound therapist, multi-instrumentalist, chocolate alchemist and retreat leader. The Cacao spirit guided Thomas into the field of sound healing where he has been creating and leading Chocolate Sound Healing journeys, retreats, trainings, events, kirtans, and workshops all over the world. He is the founder of Sounds of Light, a sound activation portal, research center and sound therapy clinic in Denmark exploring the healing and transformational potential of sound and light. The center bridges the sound healing traditions of the ancient Temples and Mystical Schools with cutting edge sonic, light and quantum technology. 
He loves to explore how sacred sound opens the heart, fires up our creativity and allows access to more of who we came to be. He works with an abundance of sacred instruments; tibetan singing bowls, gongs, flutes, monochords, harps, tuning forks, duduks, tampura, pre-hispanic sonic tools, crystal bowls, harmonium, shrutis, drums, chimes, bells and the power of voice. He weaves mystical sound landscapes that allow deep relaxation and opens portals to altered states of consciousness and soul activation. And holds space where everyone can feel safe to let go and experience the power of their voice, calling in their purpose, dreams and wisdom of their hearts – empowering all to share this everywhere.

Thomas has 20 years of experience in facilitation and teacher trainings and pioneers creative learning environments for the new wave of sound healers and musical space holders calling in a New Earth of heart centered living. His main sound healing teachers are: John Beaulieu, Jonathan Goldman and Tom Kenyon. His main vocal teachers are Sylvia Nakkach, Githa-Ben-David and Amit Carmeli. He has also studied Drupad singing in India with Uday Bhawalkar and Nirmalya Dey of the Dagar lineage.

Bachan Kaur
Bachan Kaur is a Canadian artist and producer who creates soulful, healing music straight from the heart.
She is a unique voice of pure devotion, inspired through the dance of heavens and earth.

She has been practicing Kundalini Yoga since the age of 18 and teaching for 14 years. Through it's practice she fell deeply in love with the power of sound and blossomed as a sacred music artist, producing 7 diverse albums, several singles and releasing magical music videos that are well-loved in the yoga world and beyond.

Alongside her yogic practice, she has devoted many years to earth consciousness and healing in Mexico, Canada and the USA. Her music is worldly in nature, weaving diverse genres, languages, traditions and frequencies of the heart. She travels frequently offering Kirtan (sacred collective singing) and playshops that combine yoga, music, singing, dance, visioning and art to awaken the voice of the soul, nurture the creative spirit and uplift the vibration of the earth.

She recently completed her Masters in Art Education and secondary teaching degree in British Columbia. Her latest album release was in June 2016 entitled “Many Moons” dedicated to her birth mother Hilary who passed from depression. Bachan continues to work on music, facilitate Kirtan and offer private and group creative facilitation. She is excited to be currently working on the release of new music, including several collaborative projects for 2018.


YofS&C TRAINING - 17th May to 8th June 2018 - 22 Nights
YofS&C RETREAT - 17th May to 24th May 2018 - 7 Nights

See below for more information on each option

Practical information

Investment & Exchange

  • 3 week residential retreat & training (or 1 week retreat) at beautiful retreat center Mundekulla, Sweden
  • Includes 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day
  • All workshops, classes, materials & access to instruments
  • All cacao ceremonies
  • Personal mentoring
  • Shared and Private Accommodation Available
  • 22 Nights Training - 17th May to 8th June 2018, or 7 nights Retreat - 17th to 24th May
  • Places can be secured with successful application and a deposit.


Option one: 3 week Training (17th May to 8th June)

Pricing 3 week Training
Dorm Alcoves:  3,333 Euro
Double room w/ shared bathroom:  3,555 Euro
Single room with shared bathroom:  3,737 Euro
Double room w/ bathroom:  3,737 Euro
Single room w/ bathroom:  3,838 Euro

Application 3 week Training
To begin the process of securing your space for the 3 week training please fill in an application form at
Places can be secured with successful application and a deposit of 5oo Euro.

Please direct questions and queries to

Option two: 1 week Retreat (17th to 24th May)

Pricing 1 week Retreat
Dorm Alcoves:  944 Euro
Double room w/ shared bathroom:  available upon request
Single room with shared bathroom:  available upon request
Double room w/ bathroom:  available upon request
Single room w/ bathroom:  available upon request

Application 1 week Retreat
To begin the process of securing your space for the 1 week retreat please fill in an application form at
Places can be secured with successful application and a deposit of 533 Euro.
Includes module 1 – Programme details here.

Please direct questions and queries to

Information on food and practicalities
- Mundekulla serves ecological and vegetarian food and offer milk and gluten free options foy you who prefer that.
- Bring towels and bed linen. Can also be rented at reception for SEK 100/set.
- You clean your own room. Final cleaning can be added for SEK 200.
- It is not allowed to light candles in the bedrooms.
- We help out with washing up after our meals.

How to get to Mundekulla

For more information and queries
Please email or visit our website for more information.

Option 1: May 17th – June 8th 2018

Option 2: May 17th – 24th 2018

Check-in opens at 4 pm on Thu, May 17th.


Dorm Alcoves: 3,333 Euro
Double room w/ shared bathroom: 3,555 Euro
Single room with shared bathroom: 3,737 Euro
Double room w/ bathroom: 3,737 Euro
Single room w/ bathroom: 3,838 Euro

For the one week Retreat Option, see above under Practical information.