Restorative Retreat with Yoga & Shiatsu Massage,
November 16-18, 2018

Retreat facilitators: Sofia Hansson and Stephanie Verstift

Nature never hurries, yet everything is accomplished - Lao Tzu
Autumn and winter are a beautiful time for calming down and slowing your pace. As the leaves on the trees are turning and it’s getting colder and darker, it is our natural tendency to cuddle up by the fire, have long lazy mornings in bed, write in our diary, reflect on the year. It is the time where the leaves fall down and seeds lay in the soil under the frost – dormant – so that in spring they can come out and grow. In winter we naturally recharge our ’batteries’, our basic life energy.

During this weekend we’ll come together to relax, be in nature, enjoy sauna and to find inspiration in the healing practices of restorative & yin yoga and shiatsu massage.

Restorative yoga and Yin yoga are calm and gentle forms of yoga, that work with opening up the flow of energy and deep relaxation. In our daily lives we’re so used to focus outwards to other people, work, phone calls, emails. Restorative yoga is a beautiful way form of yoga that helps you turn inwards. To connect with the Yin qualities of rest, peacefulness, stillness in yourself. Deep relaxation is the aim. In the Yin yoga sessions, we’ll move into a more active relaxation where we work more with releasing tension in the muscles to get deeper into the joints and fascia.

Shiatsu Massage is a gentle massage from Japan that originates from the long standing tradition of massaging within the home. Practicing shiatsu is like a moving meditation in which you connect to your core and inner stillness, from where you move energy and bring balance in the body. Giving shiatsu massage is as beneficial and healthy as receiving shiatsu. The massage and stretches are an invitation to help the body release blockages and create space for energy to flow again in a balanced and healthy way on the physical, mental and emotional level. We will work with both exercises you can do by yourself as well as with others. Shiatsu is practiced with clothes on.

What will you take home from this retreat?

  • Beautiful deeply relaxing and nourishing weekend in nature
  • Inspiring ways to connect with your inner stillness and harmony
  • New healthy practices from shiatsu and restorative yoga that you can practice at home
  • Joy of nature, sauna and beautiful organic food


Sofia Hansson
Sofia loves to be inspired and driven by personal development, which has brought her to many parts of the world. From the beginning, Sofia began practicing yoga for purely physical reasons, and quite quickly she became more interested in what happens inside. Her yoga practice helps her to peel off tension and protection that is built, both physically and mentally, and thus reach herself on a deeper level. She has a background in physiotherapy where she focused mostly on basic body awareness and mindfulness. Meanwhile, she also educated herself as a medical yoga instructor.

Sofia works with the more meditative and calm yoga and restorative yoga forms. She believes that many of us need it more in our lives, although it can be difficult to give oneself that time in an ever more hectic everyday life. She looks forward to sharing what lies so warmly about her heart.

Stephanie Verstift
Stephanie loves working with the inner strength we all have in ourselves. Even in the busiest of times we can return to a point of strength and stillness in our core so we can be the eye in the storm. Our biggest treasure is our inner stillness. Everything in our lives, flows from there. In shiatsu Stephanie found a beautiful way to look at ourselves and the world with new eyes. The seasons, the phases of our lives, our organs, our emotions: they are all connected with each other. Each season and time of our life holds the opportunity to more deeply explore these qualities in a joyful way.

Stephanie has a background in group facilitation, Shiatsu massage and Chinese Medicine. She loves to bring people together to learn and share together: both through practicing massage and yoga, as well as through exploring the theoretical concepts behind these healing practices.

Practical information

Course fee:
1800 SEK > Early Bird (until 31 Oct)
2200 SEK > Normal price (from 1 Nov)
29 or younger? Receive 500 SEK discount.

Food and Accomodation (2 nights, 6 meals breakfast/lunch/dinner):
Single Room with private shower/toilet – 2100 kr
Bed in a Double Room with private shower/toilet – 1800 kr
Bed in a Double Room with shared shower/toilet – 1500 kr
Bed in a Triple Room with shared shower/toilet – 1450 kr

For questions and bookings, write to stephanie@mundekulla.se

Registration is binding. Application fee 500 SEK will be paid on booking to the course facilitators. The remaining amount of the course price is due two weeks before the weekend. If cancelled after 22nd of October, we will retain your registration fee. In case of cancellation later than 5th of November, medical certificate for refund is required, you still pay the registration fee of 500 kr. Your course can be transferred to another person.

- If you have physical restraints, like knee problems or illnesses (cancer, autoimmune disease or other), please contact us for more information on the possibilities to participate.
- Bring warm and flexible clothes for yoga and shiatsu. Don’t forget cosy socks. It's also good to bring clothes and shoes for nature walks.
- Bring a water bottle

General information
- Mundekulla serves ecological and vegetarian food and offers vegan and gluten free options.
- Bring your own towel and bed linen. Can also be rented at the reception for SEK 100/set.
- Participants clean their own room. Final cleaning can be added for SEK 200/bedroom.
- Participants help out with washing up after every meal (2-3 persons/meal)
- It is not allowed to light candles and to bring pets to the facilities

For more information and questions
write to stephanie@mundekulla.se

How to get to Mundekulla

Check-in time:
Friday at 16.00-17.30.
Dinner at 18.00.
Retreat starts at 19.30.

The retreat ends on
Sunday at 16.00.

1800 SEK
(Early bird until 31 Oct)

2200 SEK
(Normal price fron 1 Nov)

500 SEK discount if you are 29 or younger.

Single Room with private shower/toilet: 2100 kr
Bed in a Double Room with private shower/toilet: 1800 kr
Bed in a Double Room with shared shower/toilet: 1500 kr
Bed in a Triple Room with shared shower/toilet: 1450 kr