Nordic Women's Gathering 2018, June 22–24

Organizer: Pamela Von Sabljar, Nix Davies, Fanny Norlin and Laura Lindegaard

Nordic Women’s Gathering is the embodiment of the Womiphesto. If you feel inspired by the Womiphesto, we hope you will join us. Read more about the Womiphesto here.

Each and every one of us 130 women will play an important role in the energy created. The gathering is more than merely an experience or personal healing journey – the purpose is to bring together the women who are ready, with the support of sisters, to awaken feminine leadership and step into a womanhood that we and the world is longing for.

The weekend will be led by some of the most inspiring facilitators in Northern Europe who in various ways embody a womanhood of the future. Through three festival style days of workshops, inspiration, dancing, celebration and connection, the facilitators will hold space for all participants to explore, challenge, embrace and encourage each other to:

RELEASE – Connect to our wild life force, radiant lust, body, sexuality and intuition.
SURRENDER – Surrender to trust the divine, step into the unknown, embrace chaos.
INTEGRATE – Integrate the masculine qualities of holding space for the feminine to be free.
REALIZE – Realize and lead from the feminine power, stepping into the Matriarchy.
SISTERHOOD – Create the foundation for a sisterhood of love, respect and admiration - as we are each others’ greatest source of inspiration.

We warmly welcome you to join us in this discovery of Womanhood at Mundekulla Retreat Centre in June.


Who we are

We are a group of women, who believe that the time is ripe for women to gather and unite towards a future we can believe in. We have therefore invited twelve facilitators that we see as leading the way in discovering 21st century womanhood. As we don’t believe in “teaching” womanhood, these women, who in different ways embody elements of the womanhood we envision, will hold space for a co-creative exploration, strengthening and celebration of being women today.

Schirin Zorriassateiny – Facilitator
Pamela Von Sabljar – Initiator & Facilitator
Nix Davies – Initiator & Facilitator
Liv Stavsetra – Facilitator
Chantalle Kamycki – Facilitator
Louise Mazanti – Facilitator
Rikke Libak – Facilitator
Sanna Sanita – Facilitator
Erica Svensson – Facilitator
Louise Börjesson – Facilitator
Katrien Franken – Facilitator
Ylva Forner – Filmmaker & Storyteller
Amalia Wahlström – Creative Director & Design Witch 
Fanny Norlin – Initiator
Laura Lindegaard – Initiator

Read more about the facilitarors here


Practical information

Pricing (total fee, including accomodation and food)
- Ticket w. bed in room w. 2-4 pers.: 4900 SEK
- Ticket w. dormitory space: 4700 SEK
- Ticket w. own tent: 4400 SEK
- Under 30 Ticket w. own tent: 3200 SEK

The ticket price includes food and the type of accommodation you choose.
To support younger women, we offer a price of 3200 SEK for the first 20 women under 30 years signing up. Find it among the ticket options.

We don’t want finances to be a hindrance for joining the gathering, so if you would like to contribute to the organisation of the gathering and/or are on a limited budget, please let us know as concessions are available for volunteers.

Book your space here

Information on food and practicalities
- Mundekulla serves ecological and vegetarian food and offer milk and gluten free options foy you who prefer that.
- Bring towels and bed linen. Can also be rented at the reception for SEK 100/set.
- You clean your own room. Final cleaning can be added for SEK 200.
- It is not allowed to light candles in the bedrooms and pets are not allowed.


The gathering will be held in English and take place at Mundekulla Retreat Centre, 361 95 Långasjö, Sweden
How to get to Mundekulla
Mundekulla, with its calm and peaceful surroundings, provides the perfect setting for Nordic Women’s Gathering. Its secluded surroundings offer a supporting atmosphere with varied and beautiful landscapes surrounded by old forests, 60 hectares (150 acres) of meadows, open fields, natural ponds and walking paths. With the main building being a carefully restored house from the 1820, their entire facility is built on ecological principles, with warmth and care, uniting the past and the future. Mundekulla is internationally renowned and located 10 km outside of Emmaboda in southern Sweden and 3 hours direct train from Copenhagen airport as well as Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Questions about the Nordic Women's Gathering?

For questions about the Gathering, contact:
Read more about the gathering here
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Friday June 22 – Sunday June 24 at 4pm.

Check-in at 11 am – 2 pm on June 22.
Lunch is served at 1 pm – 2.15 pm.

From 3200 SEK to 4900 SEK

See information above, under Pricing