woMEN events in Mundekulla !

We offer extraordinary events, festivals and gatherings !!  
We are happy to announce that we offer 2 events especially designed for women (those who relate to themselves as women) and 3 events for men (those who relate to themselves as men) during 2018

Peter and Anne (founders of Mundekulla 1998) have regularly offered events for men and women and we are therefor happy to annonce that during 2018 we will offer a greater variety of international events specially designed for men and women. 

- woMEN events -

July 27-30, Shine Sister Festival (In Swedish)
For the 8th time this Festival is held at Mundekulla arranged by Anne Solveig of Mundekulla.
Join 100 women in exploring the gifts we where given that we might have lost along the way..
Awaken your strength and beauty in a caring atmosphere with support from other women. Enjoy dancing, singing, circles, sharing and workshops with inspiring people in true sisterhood Read more>>

Leaders: Anne Solveig, Eva Cederblad, Lee Seger, Jeanette Mantel and more

Sept 13-15, European Mens Gathering (In English)
The European Men’s Gathering of around 150 participants is designed for men who are ready to take leadership for themselves.and others. This is an annual opportunity for the leaders of the Men’s Movement to come together to collaborate, to challenge each other, to learn from each other, and to grow. The core focus of the event will be the co-creation of Rites of Passage rituals which are suited to
21st century society and aimed towards men taking the step from boyhood to manhood. Read More>>

Leaders: Alexander Bard, Arne Rubinstein, Herman Ottosson, Paul Lloyd Robson and more 

Oct 5-7, ManKind Project - New Warrior training (In English)
The New Warrior Adventure is, since 1985, a powerful and proven training where over 60 000 men have participated. Together with 36 other men, you will be met by nearly 50 men who will be present and will guide you along a weekend long process. Most of us working at the course are volunteers; men from Sweden and Norway and many from other parts of the world. Read more>>
Leader: ManKind Nordic

March 23-25 2019, Man in Mission
(In Swedish)
Man is Mission is arranged by Peter Elmberg of Mundekulla on a yearly basis since 2012.
The course offer a supporting atmosphere where men supports men to create a more heartfelt world and an inspiration to grow as a man, leader and huMAN. We approach themes such as feelings, selfinsight, integrity and direction/mission. The course finds inspiration from Carl Jungs theories of archetypes such as The Lover, The Warrior, The Magician. The King Read more>>
Leaders: Peter Elmberg, Kalle Grill, Fredrik Swahn


- Past Events in 2018 -

June 22-24 2018,  Nordic Womens Gathering
(In English) 
The gathering of around 100 participants is more than merely an experience or personal healing journey. The purpose is to bring together the women who are ready, with the support of sisters, to awaken feminine leadership and step into a womanhood that we and the world is longing for. The weekend will be led by some of the most inspiring facilitators in Northern Europe who in various ways embody a woman-hood of the future through workshops, inspiration, dancing, celebration, connection. Read more>>
Leaders: Schirin Zorriassateiny, Pamela Von Sabljar, Nix Davies, Liv Stavsetra and more