European Men's Gathering 2018, Sept 14–16

Organizer: Maniphesto/Paul Lloyd Robson

Are you ready to step up and take leadership for yourself, in your community and in society?
The European Men’s Gathering is a leadership program where men come together in a spirit of brotherhood and collaboration in order to collectively step up.

The European Men’s Gathering is designed for men who are ready to take leadership for themselves
and others. This is the annual opportunity for the leaders of the Men’s Movement to come together to collaborate, to challenge each other, to learn from each other, and to grow.

The core focus of the event will be the co-creation of Rites of Passage rituals which are suited to
21st century society and aimed towards men taking the step from boyhood to manhood.

Teachers (so far)

Alexander Bard (SE)
Alexander is a philosopher, and former artist and music producer, based in Stockholm, Sweden. He is currently working on his fifth book with co-author Jan Söderqvist, and both in their latest fourth book “Syntheism – Creating God in The Internet Age” and in the forthcoming fifth book, with the working title “Digital Libido”, Bard & Söderqvist propose a general model for how the Male Gender ended up in a deep crisis in contemporary society, and how this crisis must be solved both through an adaption to the changing times and through a return to Man’s sociobiological foundation, as an equal but in many if not most instances radically different gender from Woman. Bard’s own contribution to such a Man’s Movement lies in laying the theoretical foundation for understanding the Male Gender, the different archetypes of Man, and how these personality types should and must be trained to collaborate in teams of excellence, to provide a new generation of men with the one thing they desire most in their lives: a profound sense of purpose.

Dr Arne Rubinstein (AU)
CEO & Founder
The Rites of Passage Institute
Dr Arne is an expert on Rites of Passage and adolescent development, with 30 years experience as a medical doctor, counsellor, mentor, speaker and workshop facilitator. The programs, seminars and programs he’s helped to develop have been attended by over 100,000 people globally and are designed to support boys and girls to successfully make a safe, healthy transition to adulthood, with a particular focus on creating coming of age Rites of Passage.

Zdenek Weber (CZ)
Zdenek Weber is 43 years old and the founder of the Men’s Circle organisation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He is a vision quest and wilderness guide, mentor, rebalancing and somatic experience    trauma healing therapist, long term buddhist vajrayana and dzogchen practitioner, mindfulness teacher, former ice-hockey player, proud father of 3 children, as well as a husband.
Since 2003 when he burnt out he left his own successful business organisation, he has started to reflect upon his inner path. He has started men circle from his own hunger for real brotherhood, truthful friendship, and more conscious and meaningful life for men in all roles they step in. With his beloved wife Sarka Weberova he wrote a book named Love Without Bonds and they run project JustLove focused on conscious marriage, relationship and parenthood.
He runs his own company True self with his very good friend Vaclav.

Paul Lloyd Robson (ZA / DK)
Paul is born and raised in South Africa and has been living in Scandinavia for 14 years. He is educated as a Political Scientist and spent 9 years working as a sustainability consultant in the corporate world. He has taught scuba diving, rock climbing, acroyoga, dance and bodywork and is passionate about the body as well as being a dedicated meditator. Today he spends most of his time as the leader of Satkaya Education, a one year program for future wisdom leaders.

Paul has a deep passion for working towards a more integrated perspective between the genders and is the organiser for the Nordic Men’s Gathering. He believes that there is a need for men to bond in brotherhood and trust in order to break out of old patterns of behavior and to find a deeper sense of freedom, alignment and purpose.

Mike Lousada (UK)
Psychotherapist, bodyworker, trauma therapist, clinical sexologist, pioneer. I am passionate about supporting the evolution of consciousness on this planet. For the past decade this has meant working with women to help them heal their wounds around sexuality and trauma ( and I am now drawn to working more with men and the collective consciousness, guiding them beyond the Hero’s Journey and into working with consciousness.
From my trainings in therapy, bodywork, energy work (including tantra and Taoist practice) and clinical sexology I developed Psychosexual Somatics Therapy (PST), an ethical approach to working with sex and intimacy issues integrating mind and body, sex and spirit.

Herman Ottosson (SE)
Herman started his first vegetarian restaurant at age 21 and had a chain of seven restaurants up and running before he turned 25. He has been on the yogic path since 1996 and has more than 2400 hours of workshop experience in the field of somatic psychotherapy, tantra etc. He has been facilitating mens groups in Stockholm since 2012 called The Raw Man.

“The main problem for many men is their head. Too many ungrounded words, too much headiness, connection lost between balls, heart and head. If you want to be successful in the marketplace or with women it helps a lot to express yourself via the body; your life purpose or your sexual desire as an focused, directed energy, transmitted through your body, not your mouth.” Herman

Tomas Friis (DK)
Tomas has a master degree in Business Administration and Economics and 15 years of management and consulting experience in the financial services industry. Shifting into psychotherapy and counselling with a focus on men, masculinity and relationships he has more than 10.000 hours of clinical practise counselling men, women and couples.
Helping men grow into more integrity and live more authentic and meaningful lives he has facilitated Men’s groups, developmental processes and courses and Men’s workshops for more than 10 years. Tomas’ work is reaching “ordinary men” who live ordinary lives as fathers, lovers, friends, workers, leaders - helping them become extraordinary in dealing with the real issues of work, family, relationship, sex -  and finding meaning and purpose in life.

Your spirituality and healthy masculinity - or lack of - shows in the way you lead your day to day life in work, relationship and family.

Jakob Kærgaard (DK)
Jakob has been practising the yogic and tantric techniques to work with the sexual energy of the body for the past 15 years. He has been teaching the ’Vital Force Sexual Mastery for men’ course for the past 5 years where he specifically teaches men how to master their sexual energy. He teaches and facilitates men’s groups based in Copenhagen and increasingly also abroad, with strong emphasis on deep and direct sharing and feedback. He holds a Master’s degree in philosophy and history and a black belt in Shotokan karate. He has practised yoga, martial arts and meditation for several years, which he sees also as supplementary techniques to work with and sublimate the vital energies of our body. He is a passionate teacher that loves to share his knowledge and to create brotherhood among men.

Jakob’s website is in english, in Danish.

David Fuller (UK)
David Fuller is the founder of Rebel Wisdom. Documentaries such as "Glitch in the Matrix" and "Jordan Peterson, Truth in the Time of Chaos" have racked up several million views on Youtube, and Rebel Wisdom continues to create films and content to push forward the cultural conversation around polarity and gender. But ideas alone are not enough, which is why Rebel Wisdom also runs intensive transformational workshops for men.

Thomas​ Hamelryck (BE / DK)
Thomas​ Hamelryck has a PhD in bioengineering and researches the application of machine learning methods to problems in molecular biology. He has published over 45 scientific articles and a book.

In addition to that, in his spare time, he explores the sense and nonsense of religion and spirituality in the 21st century. His interests range from meditation over Buddhist tantra to Western philosophy, especially process philosophy. He is greatly inspired by thinkers and visionaries old and new such as Alfred North Whitehead, Carl Gustav Jung, Friedrich Nietzsche, Chögyam Trungpa and Longchenpa.

(Picture by Erika Svensson.)

Eivind Figenschau Skjellum (NO)
After spending most of his 20s as a practitioner within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Eivind realized that his quest for enlightenment had ended, and his quest for a masculine identity had begun. Being led by his own ignorance of what it meant to be a man, he founded, a website using integral and archetypal theory to analyse popular culture.

In 2011, Eivind founded Authentic Norway, the first authentic relating community in Europe, and arena for many of the meetings and co-creative ventures that laid the foundation for the European Circling community.
In 2012, he co-created the Reclaim your Inner Throne process work, a powerful modality based on a unique application of neo-Jungian archetypal theory. It has been named “constellation work on steroids” by participants and observers.
In 2014, he delivered the Reclaim your Inner Throne 3-month online training to the world, which he hosts to this day. Eivind remains committed to his evolutionary work in the world, and considers the work of helping men rediscover a masculinity beyond the misconceptions of the political right and left as the most important challenge facing the world today.

Jesper Lejfjord (SE)
Jesper Lejfjord has been working with community building for 10+ years and has been living with ethnic minorities in the Lao jungle before founding a community centered around a shared working space, “The Castle” in central Stockholm, Sweden.   

Through esoteric practises and philosophy studies, Jesper has acquired an interest in human development in general and men’s work in particular. Jesper is involved in the Mankind Project and its Nordic branch, hosts men’s groups at The Castle and has been a guest lecturer at Nodens Men’s Group in Stockholm.

“Menswork is one of our most urgent tasks. Humanity is faced with grave environmental challenges, our oceans are dying, wars are raging, droughts are increasing & incredibly powerful artificial intelligence systems will soon influence us more than we can possibly imagine. Currently too many men are acting as boys - using their powers irresponsibly.  Many males will soon lose their jobs and identities due to automation. It is our responsibility to help them, and the next  
generation of boys, to become men.”

Andy Buru/Andreas Burmeister (SE)
Andy has been studying the practice of trust and sacrifice during the past few decades, and different rituals to hold space for it. The primary modality is european and japanese rope bondage. He first got in contact the European Men’s Gathering when teaching a Men Tying Men workshop at the Noden Men's Group. Hands-on exploring how masculinity relates to surrender, vulnerability, strength, and beauty. Almost like a rite of passage. Maybe every man should learn to trust in a brother before trying to hold a woman?

Andy sees an imbalance in modern life between holding power, and trusting in surrender, and how this has deeply shaped what it means to be a man, and a brother, in our patriarchal society. Andy brings more embodied wisdom and practical tools, and less intellectual truths. He is a student of theater, medical massage therapist and conscious kinkster, with an corporate background in international team and organizational coaching.

Gustav Högfeldt (SE/DK)
Gustav Högfeldt is trained as a bodyworker and has specialised in guiding individuals to reach their power and authenticity through physical movement and expression. Workwise he spend most his hours within the danish prison system where he facilitates bodywork both for groups of inmates and one to one. He is also trained as a carpenter and has a passion for woodcraft. Gustav sees the practices of physical movement and woodcraft as ways to bring the individual back to his natural roots and grounding. This is what he will share at the EMG.

Paal Christian Buntz (NO)
Paal is the founder of The Wildman Program, The Wildman Workout and he holds different masculine empowerment workshops around conscious sexuality, Life Purpose, and Intimate Relationships. Paal is also certified Integral sexologist, tantra teacher, and tantra bodyworker.

”I explored different coaching modalities, therapies, meditation and Satsang teachers for many years, but suddenly I discovered that I had suppressed a lot of my Masculine Power, Sexuality, and Purpose in life. Bly, Moore, Gillett, Deida, Vartman, menswork became an inspiration for me to reclaim back my masculine power. My 20 years of going on my own hero’s journey became the foundation for the 10-week initiation process that I facilitate men through The Wildman Program.

Shamanic Medicines and practices have also become a great tool to be heart centered and come from as deep relaxed masculine consciousness as possible.”

”The Time of the Lone Wolf is over. We men need to come together, challenge each other to grow and become the best version of ourselves. There is a real power in true Brotherhood. Together we become stronger!”

Buster Rådvik (SE)
Buster Rådvik, MA, is a body centered psychotherapist in private practice who offers workshops in Embodied Intimacy internationally. His work centers around empowering people in the areas of relationship, intimacy and sex, to feel more more alive and connected where it matters.
Today’s “manliness” is measured and externally validated. Do you have cash? A hot woman. A six pack? Big dick? Many men experience that they have no other value then what they do and produce. Many men feel worthless and spend their lives trying to prove the opposite. However, its a set up cause manhood can not something that can be validated by others. Manhood something we experience.
Identity is deepened through initiatory experiences.
I felt that I had become a man first after I was able to truly be with the most vulnerable within myself. It took a life crisis, a surrender into uncharted territory, to get me on my knees, open up my heart, to all of me. Today as the world we inherited from our forefathers is falling apart we have an opportunity to let the fear of the unknown initiate us into who we really are becoming as men. Short and Sweet and to the point.
Women give birth to boys and men raise men. The more of our darkness we embrace the more of our true power shines
                                                            through. Its is time to step through shame and isolation. To be who we are. Unique, gifted and inherently worthy. To feel
                                                            genuine connection and aliveness with our brothers.Together we can do it. Alone we are screwed.

Daniel Mueller Gonzales (SE)
Daniel's mission is to help others connect more to their own inner power through a healthy community, inner peace and a bigger purpose. His drive to overcome his own limitations led him to become a certified Wim Hof Method instructor and to design his own tools for development and exploration of our inner and outer nature.

As the founder of BMS (Body-Mind-Spirit), a recurring workshop to share knowledge and techniques for wellbeing, he loves to challenge, hold space and create the right bio-chemistry for us to reconnect to our deeper selves.
Combining his expertise as a skilled carpenter and musician he enjoys combining active engagement in the present moment with a creative outlook to overcome any obstacles.

His slogan: Live a life you'd recommend!

Francisco Fortuno (ES)
Francisco is a men´s coach and mentor, he has created the first online community for personal development and sexuality for men in Spanish, 'Hombres Evolucionantes'.

During the last few years he has been going deep in yoga, tantra and spirituality while sharing his path with other men, he is a student in Agama Yoga, ISTA and has join MKP training.

Francisco has created a course to Facilitate Men´s Circles based on his experience in more than a hundred circles on 3 different continents. 17 men are now taking these 'Círculos de Hombres' all around the planet in the Spanish language while creating a big community of conscious men. He does workshops and retreats in order to create spaces for healing and evolution with men and sometimes also with women. During the last few years he has been working in Koh Phangan Thailand, all over Spain and Colombia, and has co-created the first conscious sexuality summit in spanish. He is working on the first Spanish men´s gathering that will take place in October in the south of Spain aiming to bring together a hundred men for the first time ever in Spain. His mission is to contribute towards the healing of the feminine and the masculine within everyone of us.


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