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“Here in Mundekulla there is never a dull moment”, goes the saying. It is true. There is no need for the fanciest entertainment when there is an abundance of space, nature, silence, and care.

You will not find a TV in your bedroom (or elsewhere), but you will find incredible quality of sleep. You will not find buildings made of steel and concrete, but you will find the charm of old wood that lets you breathe, and experience the results from our experiments with wool, hemp, cork, linen to insulate. Your boots may get dirty, while your mind will lighten up. Some of our guests say, that they experience not only better sleep quality, but also lower stress levels and a healthier resting pulse. So, facture this in as you plan for your activities. Mundekulla counts the hours and days on a different scale.You may wish to start your day, every day, with an extended forest walk, or some meditation in the mindfulness garden or in the sanctuary. Take your breakfast only thereafter. The swimming pond is all-year open. Yes, in winter you may ask for an axe to break the ice open, while the pleasures of breathing and cold exposure are unparalleled. There are numerous trails that invite for spending time in silence or just relaxing or reading a good book. Running is equally fine as Mundekulla is also the home of the "Mundekulla 3 Days of Running festival", featuring the Glasriket Ultra 50k, and Half-Marathon, 10k and 5k challenges. Firewood comes from our own grounds. While we keep the forest developing along its own ideas, we keep it safe for you, and the wood we carefully take out goes either into our own buildings or we use it for the bonfires. Yes, Mundekulla has her charms.

For those who wish for a more bespoke program, be aware that Mundekulla is at the core of the Kingdom of Crystal, the Glasriket. It is one of the most beautiful and attractive touristic regions in Sweden. There are biking-trails, running trails, glas manufacturing workshops, castles, canoeing, fishing, beaches, charming local stores, and shops.

Mundekulla is less than an hour from Kalmar, Karlskrona, Växjo and a bit more from Älmhult, but also close to all the iconic Astrid Lindgren places you most likely know from your childhood (e.g., Pippi Longstocking (Swedish: Pippi Långstrump).

Please contact our Ecolodge team to help you curate your bespoke stay and explore activities on property and across the area. They will be more than happy to also connect you to local music and other performances, yoga trainers, and guide you to biking trails and fishing ponds, and much more to make your stay as unique as you wish.


Tel: +46735038919

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