Yoga Celebration - The festival takes a break  in 2018    

Come and celebrate life together with us!                   See Swedish page here >>

We will enjoy the following:
- Hatha Yoga
- Bhakti Yoga
- Karma Yoga
- Yin Yoga
- Kundalini Yoga
- Gongbath
- Acro Yoga
- Mantras/Kirtan
- Meditation
- Dance

The yoga classes are for both beginners and more experienced yogis. You don’t need any previous experience for our workshops. Their goal is simply to help you focus on body and mind, both in movement and stillness.

Mundekulla is situated in beautiful Småland where lush fields, lakes and forests contribute to peaceful surroundings. In this pittoresque landscape you will find the perfect circumstances to go deeper into your yoga practice. From early morning until late evening you can put all your focus on yoga, meditation and nature.

Vegetarian food for a perfect yoga experience
Your ticket to the festival includes all classes and workshops. Accommodation and meals are paid separately. The beautiful vegetarian buffet is prepared by Ola Johansson who has over 30 years of experience in this area. The food is ecological, easily digested and full of prana – life’s energy.

The daily program
Your festival day can look like this:
06:00  Meditation
07:00  Sama Yoga with live musik
08:30  Breakfast with fresh fruit and herbal teas
10:30  Workshop (Hatha Yoga, Partner Yoga, Gypsie Yoga, Meditation, Dance)
13:00  Lunch – main meal of the day
15:00  Sharing
15.30  Lectures and workshops  (Yoga – bhandas, Mantra, Pranayama, Yoga philosophy)
18:30  Dinner – a light meal, e.g. soup
20:30  Concert – Mantrasong/Kirtan and Dance
(Smaller changes might occur)

Teachers and workshopleaders
Sky ~ Sama Yoga
Satyadev ~ Mantras /Workshop/Satsang
Liina ~ Yin Yoga / Dance
Tina Shilling - Yoga and arranger
Read more about the teachers

Camping is included in the festival ticket (not valid for campervans). We also provide several double and single rooms as well as a loft with mattrasses. Be sure to book your accommodation in time if you wish to have a private bathroom.

Prices (2017)
Festival ticket:
2300 Kr 
Accommodation incl meals will be paid directly on arrival.

Accommodation & meals (2017): 
1400 - 2900 SEK depending on what type of accomodation

More info and bookings
Book here
Tina Shilling, Phone 073-778 86 77

Yoga Celebration is organized by Gaia Tree and Mundekulla

Sky (Canada) ~ Sama Yoga
Sky is dedicated to living a life of yoga, and for 20 years has studied and taught several styles of yoga, always coming back to the simple and deep principles in the tradition of Hatha Yoga.  His classes are always spontaneous and deeply honoring of his students.  As he says, “I’m like the milkman, I just deliver the milk, fulfilling the sacred and even unspoken orders of the students.” Taught with relaxed passion, humor and clear understanding of the poses and their benefits, one finds his unique classes inspiring and rewarding.

Satyadev (Indien) ~ Mantras /Workshop/Satsang
Satyadev is originally from Calcutta, India but lives now In Copenhagen with his danish wife and 4 year old  daughter. His music and mantras are referred to as Bhakti Yoga, the music of devotion. The purpose of mantra is to free the mind from the constant desire for amusement and turn the attraction to a pure nature of  harmony. Mantras are tools of empowerment. Essential life tools that guide us in the path of righteous living. You will notice that all mantras, at some level or the other, ring of gratitude. This attitude of gratitude is an essential ingredient of spiritual life. Satyadev is a charismatic artist with the gift of creating peace of mind and joy in your heart. He touches people with his wholesome humor combined with an unquestionable musicality. Satya will hold mantra workshops as well as contribute to the evening chanting circle.  

Rebecka Latos – Vinyasa Yoga  
Rebecka Latoś is a multi-certified international yoga teacher, mindfulness coach and holistic massage therapist. Traveling across the world, she has taught yoga in Southeast Asia, India, South America and Europe. Rebecka’s yoga classes contain traditional Hatha elements as well as Vinyasa Flow and Yin. She plays with pranayama, asanas and meditation as she balances the doshas.


Mateusz Krawiec (Poland) - Kundalina Yoga  
Mateusz started his life long journey of studying yoga with a 500 hours kundalini yoga teachers training with Viveka Pasquier, training in rocket vinyasa with Madaleine Stjernswäld Asker and hatha yoga with Ewa Barańska.
Mateuesz is also inspired by contact improvisation dance and movement culture.
Today Mateusz is teaching kundalini, hatha and vinyasa in different studios around Stockholm and arranging yoga festivals abroad. Before he started to live his life as a yogi, Mateusz was performing as a dancer and coaching a basketball team. Yoga was at that time present in his life until it finally took first place. His big interest in transpersonal psychology brought him to kundalini yoga wich became the main essence of his practice. Something which he is very happy to share.
Mateusz om yoga My passion is every possibility that exist in the human body. All movement disciplines have something to offer to our collective knowledge, but from all the disciplines I have tried, I have chosen to focus on yoga beacuse of its rich aspects of inner work. I consider the therapeutic potentials of yoga traditions to be the most unique.
In kundalini yoga classes I wish to deliver tools from this great tradition as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

 Anders Eliason - Gong
Anders Eliason is a certified Gong Master and loves to play the gongs. Anders has a very soft and relaxing way of leading the Gong baths where he mixes the vibrations from different gongs, singing bowls and chimes. The amazing Earth gong will help you get grounded as well as opening your heart to receive this beautiful moment. To be surrounded and filled by the healing vibrations of the different instruments lets your body relax deeply, your thoughts can slow down, all to help you feel refreshed and awake afterwards. 

Sofia Hansson - Partner/acro Yoga  
Sofia is yoga teacher and physio therapist and the holistic way has always been natural for her. She teaches in Gothenburg at Haga Badet with focus mainly on Medi yoga and personal coaching. Everyone has something to teach, that becomes very obvious when doing Acro Yoga where you have to trust your partner completely. Sofie will be holding partner/acro yoga and the very appreciated introduction into Thai Massage at the end of the festival.

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