Mundekulla Festival, Aug 8-12 2018, 20th year

"20 years of sustainability"

"Reconciliation & Celebration"

Below you will find information about the Festival that took place in 2018. Soon to be updated with information about next year's festival.

Welcome to the Mundekulla Festival
Every year, around 300 people gather at beautiful Mundekulla ECO Retreat Center in the south of Sweden for the annual Mundekulla Festival, an exciting event filled with over 30 splendid musicians and workshop leaders. In August 2018, the festival will be held for the 20th year in a row, celebrating the development of this place and life itself with a focus on sustainable living and the connection with other people. The theme of the year is "Reconciliation and Celebration"
As a participant in the Mundekulla Festival, you will automatically become an active co-creator rather than a passive spectator. During the days, you can take part in our workshops and in the evenings, you can enjoy concerts with amazing bands and musicians from far and near, which will be alternated with an open stage.

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Over the years, many wonderful musicians, workshop leaders and visitors have contributed to the warm atmosphere that characterizes every music festival at Mundekulla. It has been an exciting journey, from the run-down, abandoned house that we bought in 1998, to the retreat centre that we have developed gradually over the years, by combining genuine building tradition with sustainable innovation. Our organic food has become an important ingredient and our latest project was to cover the roof of our barn with solar panels. The festival is seasoned with meetings between different generations and nationalities as well as between the city and the countryside. The festival is completely drug- and alcohol-free and invites people of all ages. It has even been awarded as Sweden’s most sustainable festival.

 -Listen to rock legend Dan Reed’s tribute to Mundekulla

Daily Program
During the festival, you will encounter heartdance, singing, dancing, music, an open stage, creativity, ceremonies, yoga, meditation, stillness, sharing, chanting, djembe and didgeridoo. All activities take place indoors in our beautiful barns and meeting halls, built with sustainable building techniques. Many of our participants have expressed their appreciation for Mundekulla’s beautiful surroundings, with its natural swimming ponds and cultural landscape.
This festival is one of its kind and invites people from different cultures, ages and backgrounds. Even if you come here alone, you can be sure to leave Mundekulla with many new friends. 
All concerts, workshops and a camping space are included in the festival ticket.

- Participants 2018-
50 workshopleaders altogether

Peter Elmberg – Concert and Workshops
Peter Elmberg founded Mundekulla Music Festival together with Anne Solveig (see below) in 1999. After studying Native American history in the United States in 1996, Peter spent a year in solitude in a tiny ten-square-meter cabin in Mundekulla. Since then, Mundekulla has gradually grown into the retreat centre it is today. Peter has written more than 700 songs and recorded over 20 albums. In 2007, his song ‘Now is the time’ was described as ‘the best song ever’ in one the Sweden’s biggest magazines. In the spring of 2008, he recorded the album Songs for Tibet with some of Sweden’s most prominent musicians to promote the peaceful way of the Tibetans, and he performed 'A Song for Tibet' when Dalai Lama visited Stockholm in 2011. At the festival, Peter will, among other things, play a concert, share his Mindfulness songs inspired by Thich Nhat Hahn, organize morning meetings and lead men’s circles on the theme "Man in mission".  – Read more

Sacred Earth – Mantra Concert and Workshop
Sacred Earth is a musical success story from down under. Having sold more than a quarter of a million albums, the duo is at the top of Australia’s ambient music genre, and the second you hear their sound, you will see why. Sacred Earth’s music is nothing short of spellbinding. Prem’s captivating vocals have an otherworldly quality, encapsulating the depths of human emotion with striking clarity as she sings sacred mantras and heartfelt lyrics that resonate with people of all ages and from all walks of life. While Prem plays her keyboard with a gentle touch, Jethro adds vocal harmonies and soothing instrumental melodies, playing shakuhachi (Japanese flute), Indian bansuri, Irish tin and acoustic guitar. 
 – Read more


Bob Hansson - Workshop and poetry
Bob Hansson is the author of nine books and debuted in 1998. In the Swedish poetry world it has been talked about "before and after Bob Hansson," as he is the first poet of his generation who reached a wider audience, not the least through his stage performances. Probably no other Swedish poet has collaborated with so many musicians and he has also offered the monologue "About Happiness" on the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm and not the least he has participated at Mundekulla Music Festival numerous times !! Bob has created "Kundalini Writing" in which writing exercises mixes with meditation and personal development, in order to trick the intellect, and body to be met in a process which is otherwise only intellectual.


Massive Vibe Live! (Uk) - Concert  "a magical mystical tour"
Massive Vibe Live! is produced and with lyrics by Queen Be!  It’s a presentation of the liveliness of Queen Be!'s lineage, bringing immediate benefit to all, unlocking each individual’s unique strengths, gifts, and talents and igniting the already present potency and love inherent in everyone.  Based in Bristol in the UK but having toured the last 4 years in India the 7 piece international band bring Queen Be!'s lyrics to the stage, transmitting the true nature of reality through the song of primordial sound. The live show is a full experience unlike any other show - lyrics that ignite and empower the awesomeness and potential of all beings, music that spans many genres and creates some new ones of their own, all blended with harmonica, trombone, saxophone, trumpet, cello, classical piano, live visuals, dancers and phat electronic beats, and a stunning visual show.  Get ready for a powerful explosion of great cheer and wonder! See video 


Diane Paterson (Usa) - Concert & workshop 
“Community Supported for over 20 years, Diane has remained true to her roots, and her giving nature only deepens with time. From festivals to house concerts Diane shows up and performs her amazing original works.” Patterson made her first studio recording with The Heat in 1991, released a CD called Live at The Palms in ’95 with the Diane Patterson Sextet, followed in 2005 by a fantastic political and not-so-political solo folk original album called Hip the Hip. 2007, 8 & 9 brought Pachamama is Rising, Sweden Session, and Sacred Sound. The dream-come-true full length studio album, World Awake was born at the end of 2010. December 2011 birthed Holy Days of Winter, an EP of songs and vids to the season. 2013 brought the latest, Build a Bridge. Patterson’s currently recording and mixing a new CD called Teach, Inspire, Be Real, which will accompany her 2016 Tours in the US, Europe & Scandinavia.. Let the rEvolution Continue! See video 

ladda ned

Sebastian Mullaert (from Minilogue) – Electronic Dance Music
We are happy to announce that Sebastian Mullaert will make a unique appearance at this year’s festival after touring all over the world, both as a live musician and as a DJ, with a focus on dancing and what it can remind us of. On Saturday night he will play underneath the stars at the amphitheatre, sharing his own dance music around the campfire.
Sebastian has been playing music in different forms since he was seven years old. For the past eighteen years, he has been focusing on electronic dance music, in the legendary duos Son Kite and Minilogue. For the last couple of years, he has mostly performed as a solo musician under his own name. Sebastian is also an active meditator, inspiring people to use music as a way to reach higher levels of consciousness.
 – Listen to Sebastian's music on Soundcloud or watch a live concert from Berlin

Anne Solveig

Anne Solveig – Concert and Workshops
Anne Solveig built Mundekulla Retreat Centre together with Peter and wrote one of the most popular Mundekulla songs, ‘A Feeling of Joy’, which has spread far beyond the borders of Sweden. It is also the title of the album she has recorded together with Peter. Anne will be performing songs from her new album Shine, a collection of some of her best songs.
She will also exhibit some of her beautiful paintings in the Mundekulla Gallery and her art products will be available for purchase in the shop. Anne regularly organizes retreats for women in Mundekulla and during the festival, she will lead a Shine Sister workshop and a Shine Sister singing workshop together with Eva Cederblad. A few days before the festival, Anne and Eva will also hold a Shine Sister celebration course with singing and circle dancing.
 – Read more

Jenny Wessel – Yin yoga, Nia Dance and singing
Jenny Weessel will share Yib yoga during the festival. Yoga as well as dancing has also been an important part of Mundekulla Music Festival. Jenny loves dancing and is the owner of the popular Nia Movement Center in Gothenburg, Sweden, which celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year. Nia initially stood for Non-Impact Aerobics, a health and fitness initiative that emerged in the 80’s and evolved to include neurological integrative practices and teachings. Drawing inspiration from dancing, martial arts and relaxation exercises, Nia is a fun way to exercise and stay healthy. Jenny also has a great singing voice, which we hope to hear more of at the Open Stage during the festival.  – Watch a video of a Nia workout

ladda ned

Anders Nyberg - Choir workshops
Anders Nyberg is a co-procucer of the famous Swedish Movie "As in heaven" that has been seen by more than 10 % of the Swedish population (Most seen ever in Swedish film history). The main character of the movie is a choir leader that moves back to his hometown making big succuess both on an inner and outer level, this story is very much like Anders who after years in South Africa moved home to a small village of Dalarna (eastern Sweden). Anders songs and music has touched thousands of people and choirs in Sweden and around the world. We are very happy that he recently made choral arrangements to some of the Mundekullasongs which will be offered as workshops during the Festival. 
Together with Peter Elmberg (Mundekulla) he did a pilgrimage with song and concerts during 5 months from Trondheim (Norway) to Copenhagen in 2012. Now the have continued through Denmark and are now walking in Germnany performing and walking.. for peace. Read more at  www.peaceofmusic.com 

Berndt Elmberg - Historical walk
Berndt grew up in the village next to Mundekulla 1938 and moved to the city of Malmö in his early years. When his son Peter moved back to his origins in 1996 they Peter showed interest for his fathers background and original place of birth. Berndt bought the old farm in Mundekulla which is now Mundekulla Retreatcenter in 1998 and since then there has been an on going evolution of the place. Join Berndt on a culturalwalk where Bernt shows the ecologiacl foundation that the centre is built upon.   
The walk passes through the Mindfulness garden, the Viking Village, the Clay and Strawbale House, the rbig tower on the hill (20 m). Berndt also tells how Mundekulla has been build up and recucled materials and ecological insolutation, solarpanels etc. Read more about "Mundekulla Eco Living">> 

Magnus Bengtsson – Circus for the Children  
One of the heroes of the festival is Magus Bengtsson, who runs a circus school for children, teenagers – and grown-ups !
While most adults run from workshop to workshop, Magnus teaches acrobatics, joggling, summersaults and a lot of other fun activities that most grown-ups have since long forgotten. But luckily, the children still know how to play!
And at the end of the festival they will perform a circus show, which is one of the highlights of the festival.

Watch a video

There will be more activities for children and youth during the festival.

Enthusiasts Meetup – Make Your Dream Come True

One of the recurring events of the music festival is the Enthusiasts meetup, where you will be able to hear about interesting projects taking place around Sweden and the world – and maybe tell us about your project. This is a way to process all the impressions of the festival and put our own dreams and ideas into words. After all the inspiring concerts, workshops and lectures, this gathering is usually one of the most popular events of the festival. 

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Accomodation in Mundekulla
– Camping (a tent space is included in the festival ticket)
– Dormitory and private rooms(100 beds available through the booking form)-Indoor housing fully booked !!

Peter and Anne (Mundekulla) meet with Dalai Lama, 2002
Peter and Anne (Mundekulla) meet with Dalai Lama, 2002