Mundekulla Folk & Jazz Festival, June 14-16 2019, more info soon

- In the spirit of Lars Gullin - 

Below you can read about the festival of 2018.
This year's program will be posted within short.

"The festival that offers great music and experiences"  
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For questions about the festival please contact Gunnel at
phone 0761-915980
email gunnel@mundekulla.se

Below you can read about the program of 2018.

Please note: The booking form is in Swedish, so if you wish to
book a ticket please contact Gunnel (see above)

There is also a page in Swedish here with more information about this year's program.

The program in short:
Sat 16 June:
16.30 Filip Jers, Vissefjärda föreningshus
20.00 Anna&Elisabeth, Mundekulla
21.30 Magnus Lindgren, Christian Jormin, Eva Kruse, Mundekulla

Sun 17 June:
11.00 Lars Gullins musik - lecture, Mundekulla
17.00 Gunnel Mauritzson, Christian Jormin, festivalkören, Älmeboda Church
21.00 Voices of the world, Bräkne Hoby Church 

Se more below.

Warmly welcome! / Gunnel, Peter, Christer, Mailis and the team.

Welcome to the 3rd edition of the festival

-Artists 2018-

3rd summer - a new exciting program!

Filip Jers Filip Jers

Moberg - harmonica - Filip Jers
(Vissefjärda föreningshus, Sat 16 June, at 16.30)   

Limited amount of tickets. It's adviced to book in advance.

In collaboration with Emmaboda kommun and "En dag med Moberg"

Green Jazz menue Green Jazz menue

Mundekulla's green Jazz menue
(Mundekulla, Sat 16 June, at 18.00-19.30)

At Mundekulla.
This dinner needs to be booked in advance.

Read more about the food at Mundekulla here:
Mundekulla cooks

Anna & Elisabeth Anna & Elisabeth

Anna & Elisabeth (USA)
(Mundekulla, Sat 16 June, at 20.00)

American Folk Music

"They brought many of us to tears with some of the most yearning harmonies I've heard. These songs are given few embellishments — sometimes a fiddle is added to a single voice, sometimes a banjo or guitar chimes in — but always the power is in the sparseness." Bob Boilen, NPR Music

Mundekulla, Naturum,  Sat 16 juni kl 20.00 (Entrance fee).

In collaboration with Musik i syd/Folk

Magnus Lindgren Magnus Lindgren

Magnus Lindgren
+ Eva Kruse and Christian Jormin
(Mundekulla, Sat 16 June, at 21.30)

The 2018 Gullin price winner

Mundekulla, Naturum,  Sat 16 juni at 21.30 (Entrance fee).
In collaboration with Länsmusiken and Emmaboda kommun

Double room with bathroom Double room with bathroom

Peaceful living
(Stay overnight, including breakfast 16-17 June)

If you want to book a room please contact Gunnel: gunnel@mundekulla.se or phone 0761-915980

Sunday 17 June at 11.00 - 22.00

Magnus Lindgren

Lars Gullins musik - lecture in Swedish
(Mundekulla, Sun 17 June, at 11.00-12.00, incl coffee/tea)

Lecture in Swedish.

(Entrance: 50 SEK incl coffee/tea.)

Gunnel och Christian Gunnel och Christian

"Kråkan sitter på kyrkotak"
(Älmeboda Kyrka, in Rävemåla, Sun at 17.00)
Älmeboda Church

- Folk music, Jazz and ballads -  
Gunnel Mauritzson , Christian Jormin and  Festivalkören.
In collaboration with Tingsryds pastorat (feel free to make a donation of your choice)         


Voices of the world  
(Bräkne Hoby Kyrka, Sun at 21.00)
Bräkne Hoby Church

Concert with various voices of the world

Malin Foxdal, Astrid Selling, Gunnel Mauritzson - voc
Anders Hagberg - fl, Sarbast Hasan - voc, saz 
Magnus Zetterlund - mand, Unit - jazztrio

About Sally - voc group

In collaboration with Musik i Blekinge, Blekinge Jazz&World-kurs
(Free entrance -
feel free to make a donation of your choice

Folk & Jazzdagar 17-18 juni >>
Gunnel Mauritzson
Gunnel Mauritzson
Lars Jansson
Lars Jansson
Mailis Gullin invigningstalare
Mailis Gullin invigningstalare

Please note that the booking form is in Swedish. If you want to book a ticket please contact Gunnel: gunnel@mundekulla.se or phone 0761-915980

General Information

Saturday at 16.30 – 23.00 (The reception and the café at Mundekulla opens at 17.00.)
Jazz menue is served at 18.00-19.30

Sunday at 11.00-22.30

Transportation and location

Its easy to get to Mundekulla by train to Emmaboda then "Mundekulla Taxi" for the last 10 km. (Book by taxi Emma by calling 0046+(0)471-10100).
The festival's concert venues offer wheelchair lift and / or ramp.


Day ticket, (Vissefjärda föreningshus), Sat 16 June (16.30-17.30)
Concert with Filip Jers
• Adult, over age 25                    125 kr (pre-booked ticket).  At the door 16 June: 150 kr
• Child, adolescent, ages 8-25    100 kr (pre-booked ticket).  At the door 16 June: 125 kr

Evening ticket, (Mundekulla) Sat 16 June (kl 20.00- 23.00)
Concert with  "Anna & Elisabeth" samt Magnus Lindgren, Eva kruse and Christian Jormin
The prices below are for both concerts Saturday night (no separate tickets are sold)
• Adult, over age 25                     225 kr (pre-booked ticket).  At the door 16 June: 250 kr
• Child, adolescent, ages 8-25    120 kr (pre-booked ticket).  At the door16 June: 150 kr  

Jazz menue (Note! Only prebooked!)
Mundekullas green Jazz buffé, 150 SEK Sat night 18.00-19.30
Served in the concert hall "Naturum" before the concert.
Note: Prebook and pay via the booking form, or contact Gunnel.

Lars Gullins musik (Lecture in Swedish), Sun 17 June  (kl 11.00- 12.00)
• Entrance 50 SEK (incl tea/coffee)

We have a café that serves coffee/tea, sandwiches and cakes.

Drink & Drive-Bar
We offer alcohol free beer and wine in our "Drink and Drive Bar" next to the concert hall. There you can drink as much as you like and still  drive home or to a nearby hotel or youth hostel. The festival is alcohol and drug free.

Nice modern rooms booked via the online booking form - or contact Gunnel.
• Rooms for rent in Mundekulla (single rooms, double rooms).

-The festivalen Is drug-free ie, alcohol/drugs are not being used, allowed or sold
- We love animals and ponies and cats. Own pets can not be brought along but there is a dog hotel in the area, see more info below

"I just returned from a fantastic festival. This I will live a long time! Thanks!"

Other information
-Find us - Take the train to Emmaboda and then Mundekulla Taxi 1 mil 150: - / car, 0471-10100
-Dog Hotels - The pets can unfortunately not accompany, but there is a dog hotel 7 km from Mundekulla
-Carpool - Offer or apply for a ride

General questions

Want to be a volunteer at the festival?
Contact mundekullajazz@gunnel.nu for more info

Arranged by Mundekulla Retreat Center in collaboration with Gunnel Mauritzson.
Thanks to Sensus, Emmaboda municipality, Music in the South, Music in Blekinge, Länsmusiken in Kalmar, Sensus, En dag med Moberg, Vissefjärda-, Älmeboda- och Bräkne Hoby församlingar, Unit and all other participants.
Project Managers: Peter Elmberg (Mundekulla), Gunnel Mauritzson (project manager), Mailis Gullin (inspiration), Christer Skoog (Emmaboda Live Jazz)

Please note that the booking form is in Swedish. If you want to book a ticket please contact Gunnel: gunnel@mundekulla.se or phone 0761-915980


Who was Lars Gullin?
Lars Gullin was born in Sanda, Gotland and lived his last 10 years in the areas around Emmaboda (near Mundekulla). He is considered one of Sweden's foremost jazz musicians of all time, and arrived just when jazz was of highest interest in Sweden, during the 50s and early 60s. He also attracted international attention and his greatness lay on several levels, first and foremost, his brilliant way to handle the baritone saxophone. His tone so soft but still bearing the sharpness, his tune marked as a flowing story and his improvisations with total presence and never with a tone that had nothing to say. He was also a great composer and arranger with high standards of music, himself and his fellow musicians and always with an open mind to new influences. In the outwardly successful and cheeky jazz musician lived a very sensitive soul. It was not easy to survive unscathed in the tough reality of a really quite shy man from Gotland as he called himself. When he finally began to find new stability in life with his wife Mailis Gullin in Småland, he died from disease May 17, 1976, 48 years old. After him he left a priceless treasure of the compositions and recordings of lessons and inspiration for generations of musicians to come. (Read more about Lars Gullin on www.gullin.net)