Circle Way Camp, July 16-21, 2019

Return to the circle – 16th year

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The circle has been with us a long time. It is the foundation of tribal people’s culture and recently adopted by, among others, eco-villagers and transitioners. Led by Manitonquat, we will spend four days immersed in the traditional and modern practices based on the circle.

Bring your friends and children along for this beautiful summer camp. Experience the essence of the Circle Way, enjoy the supportive listening of the circle way offers as well as the music and fun we co-create together.
Relax in the beautiful, tranquil settings and be a part of the emerging supportive, healing and healthy culture with a seven generation perspective.   

Get inspired by Native American worldview and way of life!
For the 16th year we offer an adventure and a growing experience for all ages at beautiful Mundekulla. Find tools for actively listening to others, getting closer to your feelings and more conscious of your goals and dreams. During the four days of camp we experience a ”tribe” in the spirit of the circle, living in greater harmony with nature and each other.  This year we have special workshops on Sami culture and eco-village living.


Back to nature
- Camping in lovely setting (rooms available too)
- Seminars and dialogue on sustainable development
- Swimming in natural lake
- Restaurant With organic vegetarian food
Back to the circle
- The joy of living with others … the basics
- The original instructions
- Workshops and clan activities for children of all ages
- Supportive listening
- Mens', womens' and elders’ circles  
Back to community
- Campfire stories
- Music and circle dancing 
- Play day, play hours
- Mindfullness
- Open stage  

Medicine Story has been teaching the Circle Way for more than 30 years. During this time, meeting in circles has spread and become more mainstream, from the rapidly growing folk movements of Transition, Eco-Villages to Self-Development. This year’s camp offers the theme bringing generations together. So grab your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews for a vacation that promises to be the high spot of the summer.
•    Introducing the circle way to those who are new to it
•    Listening and the talking stick
•    It takes a village to raise a child – child-raising wisdom from Native Americans
•    Healing our own childhood – it’s never too late to have a happy childhood
•    Why we need to play
•    Play day
•    Sharing and self-development circles for personal growth

During the camp people of all ages meet in clans (small groups) based on respect, mutual support and appreciation to experience emerging alternatives to today’s consumer culture.

Activities include talking stick circles, co-counselling, sweat lodge, music and dance. The daily workshops give us a theoretical and practical background and support us to deal better with our strained emotions and our partner- and friend ships to women, men, children, the environment and other cultures and nations. There are also daily activities for children (from around ages 6-7).

Daily Program
8-9 am: Clan meeting with sharing, 5–6 people created for the duration of the camp.
9-10.30 am: Breakfast on your own
10.30 am-1 pm: Great circle and workshop (Manitonquat and Ellika) / Children's activities
1 pm-3 pm: Lunch in Mundekulla's restaurant
3-6 pm: Various workshops to choose from
6-8 pm: Free time and evening meal
8 pm-10 pm: Evening activity: clan performance, story-telling, sweat lodge, open stage.


Peter Elmberg – workshops, circle dancing
Peter is the co-founder of Mundekulla Retreatcenter as well as a musician, social scientist, a highly recommended lecturer, artist, ceremony and projectleader. One of Peter's main inspirations is "Sustainability" of which Mundekulla Retreatcenter is a good example. From his publishing house, “Music for peace”, he has recorded over 20 cd:s and written more than 700 songs as well as musicals. He shares the Mundekulla story and offers Circle dancing support the children during the camp 

Manitonquat (Medicine Story) – In remebrance of
Manitonquat (Medicine Story) is a storyteller, an elder and a keeper of the lore of the Assonet Band of the Wampanoag Nation of Massachusetts. Author of ten published books. He continues to develop tools for creating a more humane society based upon teachings of the elders of the First Nations and the explorations of his CIRCLE WAY camps. Read more

Ellika Lindén 
Ellika Lindén is a Swedish writer of children’s plays, who also directs them, creates scenography, posters, and puppets. She has worked a lot in supporting people through circles and not the least women. Since 1985 she has partnered Manitonquat in marriage and in directing The Circle Way workshops and camps. Read more

General Information

July 16 to 21
Tuesday 3 pm-sunday 4 pm

-Camp Price-
Camp price includes food and tent space. Rooms can be booked through the online booking.
• Adults, over 26 years  
• Young people, 15–25    
• Children 4–14 years     

Book early

We serve organic, vegetarian food 

- Accomodation -
Tent space is included in the admission price. Rooms can be booked in the booking form.
• Tent space - Free
• Mobile home/ Caravan, 
• Dormitory & Mattress, 
• Bed in double room shared bathroom  and toilet - 
• Bed In double rooms with private shower and toilet - 
• Single room with private shower and toilet -  
- Extra Mattress (children)

Camilla Grill

The Camp is arranged by Camilla and Kalle Grill

July 16 to 21
Tuesday 3 pm-sunday 4 pm


The Viking Village of Mundekulla
The Viking Village of Mundekulla

July 16 to 21
Tuesday 3 pm - Sunday 4 pm

• Adults, over 26 years    
• Young people, 15-25    
• Children 4-14 years   

Early bird

Tent space is included  
Rooms can be booked