Scandinavian Summer Camp for The Work, Aug 22-26, 2018

A 5-day immersion into the Work of Byron Katie

Organizers: The Scandinavian Association for The Work of Byron Katie

Dear The Work Friends!
We are happy to announce that we are arranging a 5-day Scandinavian Summer Camp for The Work in southern Sweden on August 22nd - 26th 2018, and you are invited!
Question your stressful thoughts
Join us on a 5-day journey to deepen our awareness and free ourselves from identification with our stressful thoughts. Let's revitalize our practice of inquiry, connect with each other through the deep kindness of our loving hearts and experience the power of The Work in action. We will question our beliefs and open to new depths of peace, joy and freedom in our lives. Whether you are experienced in The Work or just starting out, you will find suitable workshops and training sessions to explore The Work with Certified Facilitators and experienced staff members in the certification program.
All languages and experience levels are welcome
The camp is for everyone interested in The Work, beginners and experienced practitioners alike. The general language will be English and when we work in groups or in pairs, we will speak whatever language works for all. We also offer support for translation into Swedish, Danish and possibly Norwegian – please contact us if you require this or if you would be willing to assist with Norwegian translation.
Healthy food at a beautiful, tranquil venue
We have found a place in the heart of Scandinavia, Mundekulla, which some of you might know already. It’s an amazing venue with peaceful, rural surroundings, great food, a gorgeous sauna and a lake to swim in. We will serve healthy vegetarian/vegan meals, most of it organic from a nearby biodynamic farm. The meals include breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Mundekulla offers pleasant rooms with comfortable beds. Most have private shower and toilet – please see the options for accommodation below.

The Work of Byron Katie
To read more about the work of Byron Katie please visit


The Summer Camp is arranged by the non-profit Scandinavian association for The Work of Byron Katie. We are a
volunteer group of passionate people who have experienced the benefits of The Work in our own lives and we are enthusiastic to make this Summer Camp come alive to share similar experiences with you. Any profits will be used
to arrange next year’s camp.

The organizing team:
Ernest Holm Svendsen, Maria Paz Acchiardo, Marie Foxman Gustafsson, Melihate Dragoshi,
Nayano Skaaning, Helena Montelius, Peter Wideklev and Torun Tornesel

Practical information

The Summer Camp starts Wednesday, August 22nd at 13.00 and ends Sunday, August 26th at 15.00.


The prices for participating in the training, workshops and other curriculum are listed below. The prices include food and accommodation.
The following options are available:
A) Single room (per person all days) 7 500 SEK
B) Shared double room (per person, all days) 6 700 SEK
C) Shared room 4+ people (per person, all days) 6 000 SEK

We offer an Early Bird discount: book before May 5th and receive a discount of 800 SEK (i.e. deduct 800 SEK from the prices above if you book and pay the deposit before May 5th).
How to book
You book by registering on and paying a deposit of 1.000 SEK. The final payment is due on July 25th (30 days before the Camp starts). Payment options are PayPal or bank transfer to either a Danish or Swedish bank account. You will find all the information you need on the website.
Please note that some accommodation options are limited, so make your reservation as soon as possible if you want to ensure the type of accommodation you prefer.

Travel information
How to get to Mundekulla

Share a ride
You can join the Facebook group and share if you have spaces in your car or if you want a ride. You will receive a link for the group in your confirmation email when you register.

Information on food and practicalities
Mundekulla serves ecological and vegetarian food and offer milk and gluten free options for you who prefer that.
- Please bring towels and bed linen. Can also be rented at the reception for 100 SEK/set.
- You clean your own room. Cleaning service can be added for 200 SEK, upon arrival.
- No use of candles in the bedrooms.
- We help out with washing up after our meals.

Please let us know if you have any questions and we are happy to assist. Simply send an email to:

We look forward to seeing you at Mundekulla!

The event starts Wednesday, Aug 22 at 13.00 and ends
Sunday, Aug 26 at 15.00.

Early Bird discount: Book and pay the deposit before May 5th and receive a discount of 800 SEK.

Single room: 7500 SEK (Early Bird 6700 SEK)
Shared double room: 6700 SEK (Early Bird 5900 SEK)
Shared room 4+ people: 6000 SEK (Early Bird 5400 SEK)
(price per person, all days)