Circle Way Camp, July 14-19, 2014

Get inspired by Native American worldview and way of life!

For the 12th year we offer an adventure and a growing experience for all ages at beautiful Mundekulla. Find tools for actively listening to others, getting closer to your feelings and becoming more conscious of your goals and dreams. During the five days of camp we create a ”tribe” in the spirit of the circle, living in greater harmony with nature and each other. Besides circle here will be traditional story-telling and optional workshops.

Workshop leaders
Manitonquat (Medicine Story) and Ellika have led workshops and camps all over the
world for many years, inspired by Native American worldview and meeting in the circle.

-Manitonquat, 85 years old: Storyteller, author, lecturer, elder of the Wampanoag nation (USA).
-Ellika Lindén: Director, playwright and women’s circle leader.
-Sara Norrby Wallin och Maria Estling Vannestål (workshop leaders)
-Peter Elmberg (singing and circle dances)
-Kalle Grill (workshop leader)
-Stephen Hinton (workshop leader)
-Gittan Wallin-Wester (children's activities)
-Camilla Måne (chef + workshop leader)

During the camp people of all ages meet in clans (little groups) based on respect, to get mutual support and appreciation and to experience a possible alternative to the actual situation of society. Activies include talking stick circles, co-counselling, sweat lodge, story telling, music and dance. The daily workshops give us a theoretical and practical background and support us to deal better with our strained emotions and our partner- and friend ships to women, men, children, the environment and other cultures and nations. There are also daily activities for children (from around ages 6-7).

Daily Program
8-9 am: Clan meeting with sharing, 5-6 people created for the duration of the camp.
9-10.30 am: Breakfast on your own
10.30 am-1 pm: Great circle and workshop (Manitonquat and Ellika.)/Children's activities
1 pm-3 pm: Lunch in Mundekulla's restaurant
3-6 pm: Various workshops to choose from
6-8 pm: Free time and evening meal
8 pm-10 pm: Evening activity: clan performance, story-telling, sweat lodge, open stage.

Medicine Story's 85th birtday!
We are also going to celebrate Medicine Story's 85th birtday right after the camp (Saturday-Sunday). You can read more about the Circle Way Celebration here!

The Camp is arranged by Mundekulla, Livstid and the Swedish Transition Movement

All lunches and and camping in tent with shower/wc included. Rooms for rent (see below).

Alt 1: Circle Way camp + Celebration, 14-20 July
-Adults: 3750:-
-Youth, 15-25 yrs: 2050:-
-Children, 4-14 yrs: 1000:-

Alt 2: Circle Way camp 14-19 July
-Adults: 3200 SEK
-Youth, 15-25 yrs: 1800 SEK
-Children, 4-14 yrs: 900 SEK

Alt 3: Circle Way camp 14-17 July
-Adults: 2200 SEK
-Youth, 15-25 yrs: 1200 SEK
-Children, 4-14 yrs: 600 SEK

Alt 4: Circle Way Celebration, 19-20 July
-Adults: 650:-
-Youth, 15-25 yrs: 350:-
-Children, 4-14 yrs: 150:-

Early bird discount!
200 SEK discount on all fees if you book and pay by 5 May

(Arrival from Monday 13.00)

Alt 1: Mon 3 pm–Sat 4 pm
Alt 2: Mon 3 pm–Sat 3 pm
Alt 3: Mon 3 pm–Thu 3 pm
Alt 4: Sat 4 pm–Sun 4 pm (Circle way Celebration)

All lunches are included in the price. An outdoor kitchen is availble for making breakfasts and evening meals. All rooms has their own kitchenette and campers can use our camping kitchen. NB! No alcohol and drugs.

-Tent space - free
-Caravan incl electricity - 100 SEK/night
-Dormitory incl matress - 100 SEK/night
-Bed in a double room with shared bathroom - 200 SEK /night
-Bed in a double room with en suite bathroom - 350 SEK /night
-Single room with en suite bathroom - 500:-/night
-Extra matress (children) - 100 SEK/night