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Some courses below are held in Swedish and some in English which is mentioned after each course. The English events also have links where more information is shared.

Let us know if you want to offer your course, retreat or festival at Mundekulla info@mundekulla.se Read more about Mundekulla here !

Calendar 2020


April 3-5 april, A living stillness (Swedish) - Cancelled
Björn Natthiko Lindeblad

April 8-12 april, The Table and The Feast  (English)  - Cancelled
Stephanie Verstift, Irena Krajnc Wouters, Merette Kuijt

April 9-12 april, To be and rest retreat (Swedish)  - Cancelled
Easter retreat

April 17-19, A living stillness (Swedish)  - Cancelled
Björn Natthiko Lindeblad

April 23-26, The Medicine Wheel (Swedish) - Cancelled
Jeanette Mantel

April 24-26, Write about Love (Swedish) -  Cancelled
Lou Rossling, Nonna Larsson

April 30-May 3, Mindfulness Retreat (Swedish and English) - Online
Monks from Plum Village, students of Thich Nhat Hanh


May 1-8, Certified Forest bathing Guide Training (Swedish)- Moved to the fall
Petra Ellora Cau Wetterholm

9-16 maj, Zen Coaching (English) - Moved to the fall (Aug 23-31, see below)
Kåre Landfald

May 21-24, Singing Retreat -Having the courage to sing (Swedish) -Moved to the fall
Gunnel Mauritzson

May 21-24, Coming home to oneself  (English)
Luke Bache

May 28-31, Silent retreat (Swedish)
Irene Eisler


June 25-29, Acro Yoga festival (English)
Yoga, music

June 29-July 1, Acro yoga Retreat (English)
Arrangör: Nina och Boris


July 3-6, Liberating Dance (Swedish)
Anne Grundel, Frida Grundel

8-12 juli, Mundekulla Choir Festival (Swedish and English)
Anders Nyberg, Gunnel Mauritzson, Peter Elmberg and more

July 8(9)-12, Miracle Days in Mundekulla (Swedish)
Anne Solveig och Tomas Frankell and more

July 14-19, Circle Way Camp (Swedish)
Camilla and Kalle Grill


Aug 5-9, Mundekulla Festival (English)
Music, dance, workshops

Aug 23-31, Zen Coaching (English) 
Kåre Landfald 


Sep 1-6, Mindfulness Retreat (Swedish)
Katarina Lundblad, Camilla Sköld 


Oct 9-11, Kay Pollak (Swedish)
Change your thoughts, change your life


Nov 6-8 Liberating Dance (Swedish)
Ann Sjöling och Jeanette Kjellgren

Nov 6-8, Singing Retreat Dare to Be - Dare to sing, dare to be true! (Swedish)
Gunnel Mauritzson