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Some courses below are held in Swedish and some in English which is mentioned after each course. The English events also have links where more information is shared.

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Calendar 2020

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Oct 9-11, Kay Pollak (Swedish)
Change your thoughts, change your life

Oct 29-Nov 1, Embodying Retreat (English)
Extern arrangör: Luke Bach 

Nov 6-8, "A Chorus of Miracles" (Swedish)
Singing weekend with Anders Nyberg

Nov 12-15, Nia, yoga och singing (Swedish)
Jenny Wessel, Emma Stålvik

Nov 19-22, Mindfulness from Plum village (Swedish)
Jerker "Phap Ho" Fredriksson

Nov 19-22, Silent yogaretreat (Danish and Swedish)
Irene Eisler

Dec 29 - Jan 1 New Years retreat 
Peter Elmberg, Anne Solveig m.fl.