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Some courses below are held in Swedish and some in English which is mentioned after each course. The English events also have links where more information is shared.

Let us know if you want to offer your course, retreat or festival at Mundekulla info@mundekulla.se Read more about Mundekulla here !


Dec 29 - jan 1, New year's Retreat (Swedish)
Anne Solveig & Peter Elmberg 



Jan 4-6, Writer's workshop (Swedish)
Bob Hansson, Tove Folkesson


March 29-31, New warrior training - For men (English)
Man Kind Project


April 5-7, Liberating dance and creative writing (Swedish)
Ann Sjöling, Catarina Englund

April 11-14, Silent retreat (Danish, Swedish)
Irene Eisler

April 26- 28, Man in Mission - For men (Swedish)
Peter Elmberg, Kalle Grill, Fredrik Swahn


May 4-11, Zen Coaching Advanced Training (English)
Kåre Landfald (more info to come)

May 30 - June 2, The Medicine Wheel Women's altar - For women (Swedish)
Arrangör: Jeanette Mantel  (Extern arrangör)


June 14-16, Folk & Jazzfestival (English)
Experience Swedens top Jazz artists at the Mundekulla stage

June 20-23, Men’s retreat with Eli Buren - For men (English)
Eli Buren

June 28-juli 1, Acro Yoga festival (English)
Join the movement of 200 Acro Yogis at Mundekulla


July 5-8, Liberating dance (Swedish) 
Anne Grundel

Shine Sister - Womens festival (Swedish) 
8 th time in Mundkeulla for around 100 women

July 16-21, Choir Festival (English)
"In Mundekulla as in Heaven"

July 16-21, Circle Way Camp
Kalle och Camilla Grilla

Father and son Retreat (English)
Arne Rubenstein  (more info soon)


7-12 Aug, Mundekullafestival - 21 st year (English)
300 people meet in the spirit of music and ecology

Aug 14-18, Mindful Presence (Swedish)
Marika and Lars Tapper


Mindfulness retreat (more info soon)

Mens Gathering (more info soon)


New warrior training - For men (English)
Man Kind Project


Nov 22-24, Nia, restorative Yoga and singing (Swedish)
Jenny Wessel, Björn Bohlin