Mundekulla Folk & Jazz Festival, June 16-17 2018

- In the spirit of Lars Gullin - 

"The festival that offers great music and experiences"  
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Next Year's Mundekulla Folk & Jazz Festival will take place on June 16-17 2018.
More information will be available soon. Below you will find the program for 2017
to give you a feeling for the vibe of the Festival. Welcome!


Welcome to the 2nd edition of the festival

We catch up the thread from Emmaboda jazz festival that grew big in the 70s and 80s in which the Swedish jazz legend Lars Gullin, as residents of the neighborhood, became an obvious hub. The first festivl was held in 2016 as a remerbrance of  Lars who passed away in 1986 (40 years ago)
In 2017 we repeat the success for both children and adults, concerts with artists at the highest national level, lectures, exhibition, family concert, yoga and world music. The café and restaurant are open throughout the weekend. Mundekulla offers a variety of accommodation options, from loft to hotel standard. Book early for the solution that suits you / you. The festival is also disabled-friendly

Warmly Welcome / 
Gunnel, Peter and the Festival team

-Artists 2017-

2nd summer - a new exciting program!
Please note, the Festival dates are Saturday-Sunday. More information coming soon.

Lars Jansson with Unit Blekinge Jazz & World  Modern jazz with urban pulse and folk music" (Fri 7 pm)
2017 year's festival will begin in the best way possible withe a concert by one of Sweden's most liked and appreciated jazz pianists, namely Lars Jansson -with both heartfelt and catchy playing style sprung out of  total mindfulness.
Supported by Niclas Höglind - guitar, Kristofer Johansson - drums and Mattias Welin - bass.
These four eminent musicians are also a part of the teaching team on the popular course called "Blekinge jazz & World", which is held in Bräkne Hoby musicschool the week after the festival in Mundekulla.
The concert is in collaboration with "Music in Blekinge"


Gunnel Mauritzson Band-from folkroots to Gullin (Fri 9 pm) 
Bengt Jonasson-bass / banjo, Christian Jormin-percussion / piano, Jonas Knutsson-saxophone, Gunnel Mauritzson-song Gunnel Mauritzson (Gotland) is not only the festival's producer, but also a great singer, previously noticed, among other things for her interpretations of Lars Gullin's music with her own band including highly personal music and moods that shift from quiet melancholy to roaring happiness. The repertoire is both personal, traditional and lyrical. The musicians are among the best in the country at their respective instruments 
The concert is in cooperation with "Emmaboda Live Jazz"


Viktoria Tolstoy and Svante Thuresson

with pianist Rickard Åström (Sat 7 pm)
We are very proud to present a real dream team, which begins Saturday night. Beautiful voices in the absolute elite layer with both roughness, swing and elegance incooperation with our own super-pianist Rickard Åström from Gothenburg, an always dear and frequent guest at Mundekulla. Victoria and Svante, Svante and Viktoria - we are so happy that you will come to our festival!
The concert is in collaboration with the "Music of the South"

Groupa + Soher Choukair 

Contemporary Nordic folkmusic w. Syrian vocals (Sat 9 pm) Exciting, swinging, innovative and traditional. Groupa have more than 30 years in the folk music world, with a global workingfield meets one of Sweden's latest music imports, namely Soher Choukair fleeing from the war in Syria. Groupa and Soher offer a concert and also an ending part where people can join in with dancing to their music. Groupa have just released the new album "Kind of People" and they consists of: Mats Eden - violin, Terje Isungset - percussion and Jonas Simonsson - flutes. Soher came to Sweden in 2015 with a handbag single luggage after she was forced to throw her bags overboard when the rubber boat across the Mediterranean started taking in water. She was born in Damascus and has toured throughout the Arab world and Europe. She counts as a pioneer in contemporary Syrian protest music.

Thubanon - Compositions by Lars Gullin (Sun 12 noon) 
A concert with the group Thubanon from Växjo who plays "Big band musiccharacter but with a smaller setting. The name Thubanon could be interpreted as "Thunér/Baudin nonotett" that has expanded to 11 people today. They play "Lars Gullin classics", with both newly written and originalarrangements that has got nothing but good reviews.


Jessica Christensson-Jazz & Folk Yoga (sat+sun 7.30 am)
Jessica Christensson offer morning practices of yoga that awakens the body and mind to the sounds of live music of the festival's musicians folk and jazztone . A mix of positions of power and energy, but also calm, softness and exercises for flexibility at all levels - much appreciated last year, do not miss!


Elin Teilus - Yoik workshop (lör em)
Elin Teilus is a singer who also shares sami Yoiks from her roots of the samll sami village of  Udtja, Jokkmokk. With heartfelt and powerful voice Elin shares yoiks, songs, stories and magical improvisations inspired by nature, people, animals. You get to meet the cool clear water source, sound of the wind and the reindeer which is the yoiks way to remember life here and now. Elin provides among other things during the festival a workshop in Sami yoik.


Peter Elmberg & friends - "Hitkommarna"  (Sön em)
Peter Elmberg is the founder of Mundekulla Retreat Center. He has traveled to Senegal during four winters and done concerts and written music with resident musicians (African Vibration). These travles inspired him to write a musical called "The Herecomers" about the Swedish immigration and the joy of meeting new cultures. The Musical is to be performed in the summer of 2018 but we will already now hear a concert version. Peter has written the musical "the Homestayers" about the Swedish emigration, which has been performesd at some major concert halls in the south of Sweden.

Folk & Jazzdagar 17-18 juni >>
Svante Thuresson
Svante Thuresson
Viktoria Tolstoy
Viktoria Tolstoy
Gunnel Mauritzson
Gunnel Mauritzson
Lars Jansson
Lars Jansson
Mailis Gullin invigningstalare
Mailis Gullin invigningstalare
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General Information

This information will soon be updated.

Friday  7 pm - Sunday 4 pm 
Reception opens at 4 pm dinner is served from 5.30 pm. First concert will take place at 7 pm
Transportation and location

Its easy to get to Mundekulla by train to Emmaboda then "Mundekulla Taxi" for the last 10 km. (Book by taxi Emma by calling 0046+(0)471-10100).
The festival's concert venues offer wheelchair lift and / or ramp.

Festival ticket, day ticket or ticket to individual concerts.

Festival ticket June 16 to 18 (Fri - Sun, 4 pm- 4 pm)
Tentspace, workshops and concerts included in the price. Rooms and meals can be booked online
• Adults, over 26:              900 SEK
• Youth, 15-25 years:       500 SEK
• Children 4-14 years:     300 SEK

We serve organic and vegetarian food, refreshments available for purchase on location in "Café Namasté"
We ofer no ability to cook your own food but it can be done if you bring your own campkitchen (We provide no kitchen, fridge, freezer). 
You can buy all the meals at a discounted price if its done while booking yoyr ticket online.
If you book all meals, you get a "festival band" in a different color which includes all meals (only intended for one person)

Drink & Drive-Bar
We offer alcohol free beer, wine and smoothies etc. in our "Drink and Drive Bar" next to the concert hall. There you can drink as much as you like and still  drive home or to a nearby hotel or youth hostel. The festival is alcohol and drug free.

Festivalfood ticket  incl. all 6 meals (Fri evening-Sun lunch)
• Adult / Youth (from 15 years) 560SEK (regular price SEK 600 :-)
• Children (4-14 years) 350 SEK (regular price SEK 380 :-)
Occasional meals can be purchased on site (or simple food in the cafe)
• Breakfast: 80 SEK, Adult/Youth, 50 SEK Children
• Lunch / Dinner 110 SEK Adult/Youth, 70 SEK Children

Nice modern rooms and dormitory booked via the online booking form.
• Tent included in the admission price. (Please bring your sleeping pad, sleeping bag)
• Caravan / Motorhome: 300: - / equipage for the entire festival, including electricity
• Dormitory - (from 300: - / person a 2 days) Includes mattress, blanket, pillow (the room is used day + evening)
• Room for rent in Mundekulla (single, 2 bed rooms, family rooms).

-You Do not need to pre-register for concerts, workshops, but it is first come in force
-The festivalen Is drug-free ie, alcohol/drugs are not being used, allowed or sold
- We love animals and ponies and cats. Own pets can not be included but the dog hotel, see more info below

"I just returned from a fantastic festival. This I will live a long time! Thanks!"

Other information
-Find us - Take the train to Emmaboda and then Mundekulla Taxi 1 mil 150: - / car, 0471-10100
-Dog Hotels - The pets can unfortunately not accompany, but there is a dog hotel 7 km from Mundekulla
-Carpool - Offer or apply for a ride

General questions

Want to be a volunteer at the festival?
Contact mundekullajazz@gunnel.nu for more info

Arranged by Mundekulla Retreat Center up in cooperation with Emmaboda Live Jazz.
Thanks to Sensus, Emmaboda municipality, Music in the South, Music in Blekinge, Länsmusiken in Kalmar, the National Arts Council.
Project Managers: Peter Elmberg (Mundekulla), Gunnel Mauritzson (project manager), Mailis Gullin (inspiration), Christer Skoog (Emmaboda Live Jazz)


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Who was Lars Gullin?
Lars Gullin was born in Sanda, Gotland and lived his last 10 years in the areas around Emmaboda (near Mundekulla). He is considered one of Sweden's foremost jazz musicians of all time, and arrived just when jazz was of highest interest in Sweden, during the 50s and early 60s. He also attracted international attention and his greatness lay on several levels, first and foremost, his brilliant way to handle the baritone saxophone. His tone so soft but still bearing the sharpness, his tune marked as a flowing story and his improvisations with total presence and never with a tone that had nothing to say. He was also a great composer and arranger with high standards of music, himself and his fellow musicians and always with an open mind to new influences. In the outwardly successful and cheeky jazz musician lived a very sensitive soul. It was not easy to survive unscathed in the tough reality of a really quite shy man from Gotland as he called himself. When he finally began to find new stability in life with his wife Mailis Gullin in Småland, he died from disease May 17, 1976, 48 years old. After him he left a priceless treasure of the compositions and recordings of lessons and inspiration for generations of musicians to come. (Read more about Lars Gullin on www.gullin.net)