- Calendar 2018 -

Some courses below are held in Swedish some in English which is mentioned after each course. The English events also have links where more information is shared.

Let us know if you want to offer your course, retreat or festival at Mundekulla info@mundekulla.se Read more about Mundekulla here !


Sep 6-9, Silent Retreat
(Swedish/English) External organizer
Mona Gradin Wolvén

Sep 14-16 European Men's Gathering (English) External organizer
Maniphesto/Paul Lloyd Robson

Sep 28-30, Change your thoughts – Change your life (Swedish) 
Kay Pollak (authour of the no1 film in Sweden "As it is in heaven")


Oct 5-7, New warrior training - For men (English)
Man Kind Project

Oct 12-17, Sat Shree retreat  (English)
 Sat Shree, New Dharma

Oct 25-28, Silent-retreat (Swedish/Danish)
Irene Eisler


Nov 10-15,  Mindfulnessbased retreat (Swedish)
Katarina Lundblad, Camilla Sköld

Nov 16-18, Be who you want to be - meet your soul's longing! (Swedish)
Eila Nilsson Hälsa och livskraft

Nov 16-18, Restorative Retreat with Yoga & Shiatsu Massage (English)
Sofia Hansson, Stephanie Verstift

Nov 23-25, Nia, restorative Yoga and singing (Swedish)
Jenny Wessel, Björn Bohlin


Dec 29  - jan 1, New year's Retreat (Swedish)
Anne Solveig & Peter Elmberg 



28-30 mars, New warrior training - For men (Swedish)
Man Kind Project


April 5-7, Liberating dance and writing (Swedish)
Ann Sjöling, Catarina Englund

April 26- 28, Man in Mission (Swedish)
Peter Elmberg, Kalle Grill, Fredrik Swahn


May 4-11, Zen Coaching Advanced Training (English)
Kåre Landfald (more info to come)