It's easy to find your way to Mundekulla, situated in southeastern Sweden outside Emmaboda !
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By Automobile:
Turn from route 120 approx. 5 km out of Emmaboda or from route 25 by way of Lessebo. Look for and follow signs to Mundekulla.

By Train:
Arriving into Emmaboda from all directions every hour, at least every second hour. www.sj.se

By Bus:
with Swebuss or Silverlinjen to Kalmar or to Växjö with Svenskabuss and then by way of train. (Swebuss 0200-218 218, www.swebusexpress.se  Silverlinjen 0485-26111, www.silverlinjen.see  Svenska Buss 0771-676767, www.svenskabuss.se )

National flights:
Arrives Kalmar, Växjo and Ronneby (60 km from Mundekulla). Buses leave from the airports to the trainstation and then theres a 30 min trainride to Emmaboda (60 min from Ronneby).

International flights:
We recommend you to fly with www.easyjet.com to Copenhagen or some other flight company. Then you'll take a direct train to Emmaboda (3 hours) from Copenhagen/Köpenhavn airport (Kastrup). Book your train ticket on www.sj.se. Then you'll book a taxi from Emmaboda to Mundekula (10 min) See below.
International Flights also reaches Gothenbourg, Malmö, Stockholm with www.ryanair.com. From Malmö, Gothenbourg and Stockholm you’ll take a bus to the central stations and then there's an easy train ride to Emmaboda. www.sj.se

Mundekulla Taxi:
From Emmaboda to Mundekulla you can get a cheap Taxi ride for only 150 SEK/car (approx. 12 GBP, 15 Euro) by calling Taxi Emma (0046) +471-10100 and ask for a Mundekulla Taxi.